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Spotted Ratings, Thursday 12/12/13

  • Several shows that seemingly got slammed against NBC's The Sound Of Music Live! last week bounced back somewhat with NBC over three points weaker. As in the prelims, The Big Bang Theory and The Millers saw some bounce-back, but it was dampened after football pre-emptions came out, and the results ended up being pretty dire in the 9:00 hour, where The Crazy Ones tied its Halloween series low and Two and a Half Men set a new one.
  • ABC's Grey's Anatomy also bounced all the way back, with the double benefit of a Glee repeat as competition in the 9:00 hour. And the midseason finale of Scandal went back above 3.0 for the first time since week three.
  • NBC's The Sing-Off didn't hold up so well in its first turn on the network's accursed Thursday night, but it did remain narrowly ahead of The X Factor.
  • The NFL Network closed out its Thursday Night Football season with a very strong 3.3 rating, the franchise's highest since September (and the network's biggest ever rating this late in the season).


A18-49 Skew Last LeLa Rank y2yTLa Ty2y
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland 0.8 31% -11%-0.1n/a 8/8 n/a -16% -24% 0.9
Grey's Anatomy 2.7 41% +17%+0.4-0.1 5/11 -7% +20% -5% 2.8
Scandal 3.2 43% +7%+0.2+0.4 3/10 +33% +8% +31% 3.4
The Big Bang Theory 5.1 37% +6%+0.3n/a 8/11 -6% +6% -6% 5.3
The Millers 2.6 30% +8%+0.2+0.3 6/10 n/a +8% -37% 2.3
The Crazy Ones 1.9 31% -10%-0.2+0.2 10/11 n/a -10% -37% 1.6
Two and a Half Men 1.9 28% -17%-0.4-0.2 10/10 -54% -17% -34% 1.8
Elementary 1.7 24% -6%-0.1-0.4 9/11 -26% -3% -24% 1.9
The Sing-Off 1.3 36% -28%-0.5n/a 3/3 n/a -72% +30% 1.5
Sean Saves the World 1.0 37% +11%+0.1+0.3 6/9 n/a -79% -9% 1.1
The Michael J. Fox Show 0.9 38% +0%+0.0+0.1 8/10 n/a -82% -31% 1.0
Parenthood 1.2 39% +0%+0.0+0.0 6/10 -40% -72% +41% 1.5
The X Factor Thu 1.2 31% -14%-0.2n/a 9/11 -50% -11% -50% 1.4
Glee (R) 0.7 36% -36% -65% 0.7
The Vampire Diaries 1.1 57% +10%+0.1n/a 7/10 -15% +5% -15% 1.3
Reign 0.6 41% +0%+0.0+0.1 4/8 n/a -8% +9% 0.6

KEY (click to expand)
A18-49 - Adults 18-49 rating. Percentage of US TV-owning adults 18-49 watching the program.
Skew - Percentage of adults 18-49 within the show's total viewership.
Last - A18-49 difference (percent and numerical) from the show's previous episode.
LeLa - A18-49 difference between the show's lead-in and its lead-in for the previous episode.
Rank - The A18-49 rating's rank among the show's episodes so far this season.
y2y - Percent difference between A18-49 and the show's rating a year ago.
TLa - Percent difference between A18-49 and the network's rating in the timeslot one week ago.
Ty2y - Percent difference between A18-49 and the network's rating in the timeslot one year ago.
True - A metric that adjusts the A18-49 rating for overall viewing levels, competition and lead-in. PRELIMINARY CALCULATION. For finals, see SpotVault.

(R) - Repeat.

Much more detail on these numbers at the New Daily Spotted Ratings page.

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Spot said...

Glee was repeat.

Spot said...

Just to show how far CBS has fallen:


BBT: 5.4
2 1/2: 4.1
POI: 2.9
ELEM: 2.3

It's also amazing that NBC was unable to improve on an hour of Up All Night, Take It All and Rock Center on the same day.

Spot said...

It's amazing what Grey's Anatomy continues to do. A 10 year show more than tripling (!!!) its lead-in audience is just... WOW!

Spot said...

I love the new feature. Scandal's numbers are extremely impressive in context. However, the highlight for me is how big Grey's always is despite the horrible performance of the 8pm hour. Very impressive.

Spot said...

I think the lead-in effect is overrated. I think it matters a lot initially (i.e. when a show is first placed after a huge lead-in). However, after the first episodes there (let's say half a season) I think in most cases shows start pulling close to the ratings they would do on their own or a few tenths higher. Examples:
- Private Practice, a show always used as an example of lead-in dependent show, was actually able to pull the same numbers when it aired alone on Thursday in its 5th season than it had done in its previous episode behind Grey's. Later in the season it outgrew its last Thursday performance when moved to Tuesday (not in the first episode when moved, but in the second one)
- Revolution decreased roughly half a ratings point, if much, from what it was doing behind the voice (and less if you use A18-49 to make the comparison)
- Super Fun Night fell a lot when it first had to air sans Modern Family, but has since then started pulling ratings similar to those it was pulling sans lead-in
- Chicago Fire inched up a lot when it launched on Tuesdays this season, but since then has settled on a level just a bit better than what was doing late last year

You can find examples in which this is not true, but overall, I feel the lead-in effect is vastly misunderstood. Another point is that often the most useful lead-ins don't even have to be higher rated. Glee-New Girl was a prime example of this in which Glee was clearly helping New Girl even though it was lower rated. I love Scandal but I also suspect the same holds true for its relationship with Greys, to some extent.

Spot said...

It still burns me to this day that so few people watched Threat Matrix. That show was so awesome when I was thirteen.

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