Thursday, December 12, 2013

Schedules Plus, CBS Thursday

Over the rest of December, I will be rolling out the first edition of Schedules Plus, another innovative application of the historical ratings statistic A18-49+. I hope this will be the ultimate resource for comparing the evolution of shows, networks and timeslots over time, complete with ratings numbers that make a fair adjustment for the collective decline. This is not the full realization of the vision here, but I wanted to release a somewhat condensed version because the "complete" version may well be so daunting that it never gets done. The major point is that right now this only includes programs aired in the fall. Much more about the process that went into this at the bottom.

CBS Thursday

8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 Avg
2001-02 Survivor Fall CSIThe Agency 164
197 206 87
2002-03 Survivor Fall CSIWithout a Trace 180
195 226 119
2003-04 Survivor Fall CSIWithout a Trace 189
193 234 139
2004-05 Survivor Fall CSIWithout a Trace 195
179 244 163
2005-06 Survivor Fall CSIWithout a Trace 179
160 224 155
2006-07 Survivor Fall CSIShark 144
145 184 104
2007-08 Survivor Fall CSIWithout a Trace 143
141 174 115
2008-09 Survivor Fall CSIEleventh Hour 132
139 158 99
2009-10 Survivor Fall CSIThe Mentalist 125
134 121 120
2010-11 The Big Bang Theory $#*! My Dad Says CSIThe Mentalist 123
157 117116114
2011-12 The Big Bang Theory Rules of Engagement Person of InterestThe Mentalist 133
210 123122112
2012-13 The Big Bang Theory Two and a Half Men Person of InterestElementary 153
249 180137107
2013-14 The Big Bang Theory The Millers The Crazy Ones Two and a Half MenElementary 137
269 140 111 12192
204 116
2014-15 The Big Bang Theory Mom Two and a Half Men The McCarthysElementary 127
245 143 134 8976
194 112

Avg 171 170 115 152

2014-15 Update: Thursday Night Football means the CBS Thursday lineup is now held several weeks into the regular season. CBS had some good news on this night as Mom impressed both at 8:30 and in its stint in the 9:00 hour, and Two and a Half Men had a decent final season. But there was also bad news as Elementary and new comedy The McCarthys really didn't do anything. With even more interruptions on the horizon this fall, Elementary stays put at 10/9c, and Angel from Hell slots right in where The McCarthys failed.

Notable midseason replacements:

CBS began the 2011-12 season with How to Be a Gentleman at 8:30, which aired just two episodes (averaging a 110) before getting pulled.

See here for more explanations/disclaimers about Schedules Plus.


Spot said...

Yeesh. You mean that Scandal will be the first fall post-Grey's hit since it moved to Thursdays? I always thought that Private Practice was pretty strong behind it.

Spot said...

Nothing on a fall schedule, but Lost in '08 and the spring eps of PP in '09 would qualify.

PP did pretty well, especially compared to the terrible retention of the previous few occupants. But it missed out on airing after Grey's megahit years.

Spot said...

It just makes you wonder about the lead-in effect. Not just GA, but Idol, now Modern Family and Big Bang Theory. None of them really have a history of launching a hit show after it.

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