Friday, December 13, 2013

Schedules Plus, CBS Friday

Schedules Plus is another innovative application of the historical ratings statistic A18-49+. I hope this will be the ultimate resource for comparing the evolution of shows, networks and timeslots over time, complete with ratings numbers that make a fair adjustment for the collective decline. Right now this only includes programs aired in the fall. Much more about the process that went into this at the bottom.

CBS Friday looks at the half-decade reign of terror of dominant bookends Ghost Whisperer and Numb3rs and all the shows in between that couldn't quite live up to those standards, then moves into the still perfectly fine CSI: NY / Blue Bloods era.

CBS Friday

8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 Avg
2001-02 The Ellen Show Danny That's Life48 Hours 49
48 445150
2002-03 48 Hours HackRobbery Homicide Division 50
50 52 47
2003-04 Joan of Arcadia JAGThe Handler 60
66 60 54
2004-05 Joan of Arcadia JAGDr. Vegas 51
51 49 52
2005-06 Ghost Whisperer ThresholdNumb3rs 74
77 61 84
2006-07 Ghost Whisperer Close to HomeNumb3rs 76
80 68 79
2007-08 Ghost Whisperer MoonlightNumb3rs 73
76 67 75
2008-09 Ghost Whisperer The Ex-ListNumb3rs 73
84 62 74
2009-10 Ghost Whisperer MediumNumb3rs 65
66 65 64
2010-11 Medium CSI: NYBlue Bloods 64
54 69 68
2011-12 A Gifted Man CSI: NYBlue Bloods 66
55 69 73
2012-13 Undercover Boss CSI: NYBlue Bloods 70
76 67 66
2013-14 Undercover Boss Hawaii Five-0Blue Bloods 77
80 76 74
2014-15 The Amazing Race Fall Hawaii Five-0Blue Bloods 73
69 74 76

Avg 67 64 67 66

2014-15 UpdateCBS' move of The Amazing Race to Friday was a disappointment, as the show wasn't even all that close to the year-ago ratings from Undercover Boss. (And Boss averaged 80 again for its Friday episodes when it filled in at 8/7c during the winter.) The Race struggles helped usher Hawaii Five-0 down just a touch, but Blue Bloods built to a series high Plus at 10/9c. They're all back again this fall.

Notable midseason replacements:
  • Numb3rs' run on Friday began as a midseason replacement in early 2005, when it averaged an 82 in Friday episodes (or a 93 if you count its huge post-NFL premiere).
  • The first series CBS put between Ghost Whisperer and Numb3rs was arguably its biggest misfire, Threshold. CBS flipped its timeslot in November with Close to Home, which went on to average a 70 in the slot over the rest of the 2005-06 season. Threshold aired just one episode on Tuesday before getting the axe.
  • The Ex-List was axed after four episodes in 2008-09 in favor of repeats for the rest of the fall. In the winter/spring, co-production Flashpoint averaged a 65.
CBS began the 2012-13 season with CSI: NY at 8/7c and Made in Jersey at 9/8c. Jersey aired just two episodes at a 45 average before CBS cancelled it, returned NY to 9/8c and brought back Undercover Boss.

See here for more explanations/disclaimers about Schedules Plus.

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