Friday, May 4, 2012

Demos Year-to-Year, May Sweeps 2012 Week One Winners/Losers

As usual with my year-to-year posts, at the end of each week I take a look at the biggest gainers and losers among adults 18-49. I stick to only original-vs.-original comparisons for these lists.

Top 5 year-to-year show losers
1. The Office (Th 9-9:30pm vs. Th 9-9:53pm) -50%
2. America's Next Top Model -44%
3. Cougar Town (Tu 8:30-9pm vs. W 9:30-10pm) -41%
5. The Voice (M 8-10pm vs. Tu 9-11pm) -39% 
5. Dancing with the Stars Monday -38%

As I said on Thursday, The Office comparison for this week is a bit exaggerated because last year's episode was the Steve Carell finale, but I'd expect it to be a contender for this list the next two weeks too. Top Model will be lucky if it ever doesn't make this list. Cougar Town never made this list during February sweeps because it was on hiatus at that time last year, but the Tuesday pairing with Last Man Standing has obviously not been good to it. And Dancing with the Stars would probably be down big even without The Voice, but that show's presence makes the declines big enough to make this list. Fading The Voice gets compared to week two of the blind auditions in season one.

Top 5 year-to-year show gainers
1. Mike and Molly +33%
2. The Big Bang Theory +24%
3. How I Met Your Mother +18%
4. Shark Tank +17%
5. Rules of Engagement +9%

Have I mentioned before that it is a good season for the sitcom? I should note that the CBS Monday shows (M&M and HIMYM) get the good fortune of being compared against their soft year-ago late spring numbers, as the block suffered from the constant Two and a Half Men repeats brought about by the Charlie Sheen meltdown. This season's Men original was up 73% on the year-ago repeat.

Top 5 year-to-year timeslot losers
1. Fashion Star vs. The Voice (NBC, Tuesday 10-11pm) -75%
2. Parks and Recreation vs. The Office (NBC, Thursday 9:30-10pm) -64%
3. Awake vs. Parks and Recreation/30 Rock (NBC, Thursday 10-11pm) -61%
t-4. The Office (NBC, Wednesday 9-9:30pm) -50%
t-4. Harry's Law vs. America's Next Great Restaurant (NBC, Sunday 8-9pm) -50%

Boy, that is a lot of NBC. As I've said in past posts, they had some anomalies in this week last year (Voice blind auditions and Carell Office finale), but... boy, that is a lot of NBC.

Top 5 year-to-year timeslot gainers
1. The Voice vs. Chuck/The Event (NBC, Monday 8-10pm) +155%
2. 2 Broke Girls vs. Mad Love (CBS, Monday 8:30-9pm) +64%
3. Who Do You Think You Are? vs. Friday Night Lights (NBC, Friday 8-9pm) +54%
4. Revenge vs. Happy Endings (ABC, Wednesday 10-11pm) +35%
5. Mike and Molly (CBS, Monday, 9:30-10pm) +33%

Well, at least NBC has a couple on the other side of the coin, too. The Voice should be able to top this list next week, and then we'll see if Howard Stern-fueled America's Got Talent can continue the tradition. Meanwhile, 2 Broke Girls and Revenge have faced a slew of previous occupants throughout the season and have comfortably topped them all.

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Spot said...

I kinda think we've moved beyond Howard Stern and the '90s.

Spot said...

If Stern doesn't even get to play himself on an episode of Robot Chicken where a cartoon character tells him, "F___ you, Howard! I'm dying!", he's definitely irrelevant...

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