Monday, May 28, 2012

2012 Summer Matchups, Monday

Originals are in bold; new shows are in ALL CAPS; "Average" is Live + SD A18-49 average from this season to date if already ongoing, from summer 2011 or, if neither of those are applicable, from most recent non-summer season

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Net 8:00 8:30Premieres Average
ABC The Bachelorette ongoing2.49 to date
CBS How I Met Your Mother (R)
2 Broke Girls (R)

NBC America's Got Talentongoing3.53 to date
Fox Hell's Kitchen6/42.64
CW Breaking Pointe (R)

ABC Fam The Secret Life of the American Teenager ongoing0.76 to date
USA WWE Raw 7/23NEW at 8/7c

Despite the talk about how Howard Stern hasn't helped out Got Talent, this show has been down only about 15% year-to-year thus far. Not good, but still a far cry from the 25-30% decline for virtually every other talent show this year. And that's come against the full-fledged broadcast competition. So maybe he really has helped, and it was just unrealistic to expect him to actually lift the show so heavily that it'd totally reverse the larger trend.

Net 9:00 9:30Premieres Average
ABC The Bachelorette ongoing2.49 to date
CBS Two and a Half Men (R)
Mike and Molly (R)

NBC American Ninja Warrior ongoing2.4 premiere
Fox Masterchef6/42.22
CW The Catalina (R)

USA WWE Raw ongoing1.72 in 2012
History American Pickersongoing1.61 in 2012
TNT The Closer7/91.19
Syfy Warehouse 13 7/230.76
Syfy Eureka ongoing0.56 to date

Masterchef has always sorta been an afterthought in the Wide World of Gordon Ramsay, but the show really started picking up steam in the second half of last season. Its last hour of the season was actually higher-rated than the finale of Hell's Kitchen (even if that's not really a fair comparison since Hell's went up against the #1 TV ratings moment of 2011). The question is whether it can take that momentum and actually keep it close against usual timeslot fave The Bachelorette, which is itself off to a pretty good start this spring.

Net 10:00 10:30Premieres Average
CBS Hawaii Five-0 (R)

NBC Grimm (R)

History Pawn Stars ongoing2.13 in 2012
USA WWE Raw ongoing1.78 in 2012
MTV Teen Wolf 6/40.68
Syfy Alphas 7/230.67
Syfy Lost Girlongoing0.46

This is one of those timeslots where cable should be able to win most weeks, unless ABC's so-called Big Brother rip-off can also rip off Big Brother's ratings.


Spot said...

For once I feel like shifting into sarcasm mode on this site. W/ that disclaimer addressed...


Spot said...

Fox's "Gordon Ramsey Nights" usually do well enough, so this is one of those nights where almost every network is keeping the lights on and the jockeying for pole position on the night will be fun to watch.

Your table for Mondays at 9:00 has Fox listed for The Catalina when it should be The CW.

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