Sunday, May 27, 2012

2012 Summer Matchups, Sunday

Originals are in bold; new shows are in ALL CAPS; "Average" is Live + SD A18-49 average from this season to date if already ongoing, from summer 2011 or, if neither of those are applicable, from most recent non-summer season

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Net 8:00 8:30Premieres Average
ABC Secret Millionaire 6/32.75
CBS Big Brother 7/152.71
NBC Datelineongoing1.09 to date
Fox The Simpsons (R) Bob's Burgers (R)

TNT Leverage 7/150.91

I guess Secret Millionaire was sort of the Fear Factor of the 2010-11 season: a reality show with good ratings that for whatever reason hasn't become a main player. At least Secret Millionaire gets to return at some point, though. It'll become that rare show to weather multiple hiatuses of more than a year. It got canned after a pretty decent first season on Fox and was out of the picture for over two years before making its return on ABC, and now its second ABC run will show up over 13 months after the first one ended.

Net 9:00 9:30Premieres Average
ABC Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition 6/32.08
CBS 37/22NEW
NBC America's Got Talent (R)

Fox Family Guy (R) American Dad! (R)

HBO True Blood 6/102.73
TNT Falling Skies6/171.64
E! Keeping Up With the Kardashians ongoing1.53 to date
AMC Hell on Wheels 8/120.99
Lifetime Drop Dead Diva6/30.73
A&E The Glades 6/30.72

True Blood vs. Falling Skies is one of the biggest cable matchups of the summer. They didn't face off last season since Falling Skies aired at 10/9c. It's also one of the few slots where a cable network seems almost guaranteed to win the slot. But True Blood (down just 4% in season four) has gotta start collapsing at some point, right?

Net 10:00 10:30Premieres Average
ABC Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition 6/32.08
CBS The Mentalist (R) (projected)

NBC America's Got Talent (R)

Lifetime Army Wives 6/240.96 to date
AMC Breaking Bad 7/150.81

Is a reality show TNT's best possible use of the Falling Skies lead-in? I guess it's possible, since their new scripted shows don't seem that compatible.. Despite lots of cable goings-on, ABC may still be able to win the hour, even though I don't expect Weight Loss Edition to be as strong as it was last year post-Bachelorette.

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Spot said...

ABC has a family-friendly themed night going for it, but if Big Brother can come back as strong as last season, and 3 can draw an audience, CBS should win the night among the broadcasters.

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