Friday, November 18, 2011

Demos Year-to-Year, November Sweeps 2011 Week Three Winners/Losers

As I usually do with my year-to-year posts, at the end of each week I take a look at the biggest of the big gainers and losers among adults 18-49. You can click the "y2y summaries" label to see the various forms those have taken in past sweeps. This time, back to looking at the top 5 gainers and losers.

Top 5 year-to-year show losers
1. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (F 8-9pm vs. Su 8-9pm) -68%
2. Chuck (F 8-9pm vs. M 8-9pm) -50%
3. Glee -40%
4. House (M 9-10pm vs. M 8-9pm) -38%
5. Fringe (F 9-10pm vs. Th 9-10pm) -35%

Chuck and Home Edition will always be down because they got moved to Friday; Home Edition's larger drop this week is (at least I think) because it aired a clip show-ish thing this week. Then you have three Fox dramas, all down massively from last year. It hints at something that's been percolating in my brain this week but that I think has been really under-reported; when you think about it, Fox has a surprisingly thin roster of scripted shows moving forward over even the somewhat long term. Glee and House may be around next year but are almost certainly "over" as big tentpoles. They have a still somewhat solid drama in Bones, a couple animation anchors on Sunday, and they admittedly have a promising new comedy in New Girl. And... that's basically it, in terms of stuff you can feel pretty good about. Three of those four are really old shows. What's the future of the network, drama-wise? Something to think about.

Top 5 year-to-year show gainers
1. How I Met Your Mother +28%
2. The Big Bang Theory +26%
3. 60 Minutes +24%
4. Rules of Engagement (Th 8:30-9pm vs. M 8:30-9pm) +21%
5. Two and a Half Men +20%

The top seven shows on this list are CBS shows. Five are comedies and a sixth (Hawaii Five-0, 7th at +18%) is likely benefiting at least to some extent from the comedy upswing. That's pretty amazing. The only other two shows up double digits this week: Modern Family (+17%) and Parenthood (+11%).

Top 5 year-to-year timeslot losers
1. Nikita vs. Smallville (CW, Friday 8-9pm) -52%
2. Harry's Law vs. Law and Order: SVU (NBC, Wednesday 9-10pm) -46%
3. Terra Nova vs. House (Fox, Monday 8-9pm) -43%
4. Glee (Fox, Tuesday 8-9pm) -40%
5. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition vs. Supernanny (ABC, Friday 8-9pm) -39%

The top two are regulars. The next two just illuminate that Fox drama problem all the more. And Home Edition's unique situation was mentioned above.

Top 5 year-to-year timeslot gainers
1. The X Factor vs. Human Target/Hell's Kitchen (Fox, Wednesday 8-10pm) +77%
2. Revenge vs. Special: 25 Years of Sexy (ABC, Wednesday 10-11pm) +73%
3. Once Upon a Time vs. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC, Sunday 8-9pm) +73%
4. 2 Broke Girls vs. Rules of Engagement (CBS, Monday 8:30-9pm) +66%
5. Last Man Standing vs. No Ordinary Family (ABC, Tuesday 8-8:30pm) +63%

I'm not sure anyone coming into this season would've predicted that three new ABC shows would improve their timeslots by more than 60%, so kudos to the net for that. (And a fourth, Suburgatory, improved its own slot by 26%.) I'm pretty sure everyone expected huge improvement by The X Factor, but... less than 100% improvement on Human Target and Hell's Kitchen? Just 27% improvement for the Thursday episode vs. Bones?

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