Friday, November 19, 2010

Demos Year-to-Year, November Sweeps 2010 Week Three Recap

Top 5 year-to-year show losers
1. CSI: NY (F9pm vs. W10pm) -47%
2. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition -41%
3. America's Next Top Model -39%
4. CSI: Miami (Su10pm vs. M10pm) -38%
5. The Biggest Loser (T8-10pm vs. T8:30-10pm) -32%

It's starting to get ugly in CSI world. NY makes this unfortunate list for the third straight week and is in the "top" spot for the second time this sweep. Miami joins the party as well this week; as I wrote in the Ratings Five-Spot a couple days ago, the once promising CBS Sunday is beginning to crumble. Just barely missing the list is the original CSI (-32%), which has headed back south of the 3.0 plateau after a somewhat promising trend earlier in the season. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition remains TV's biggest same-timeslot dropper. Top Model has been down for most of the cycle, but the percentage drops are becoming more pronounced as the show fails to gain momentum leading up to the finale. And The Biggest Loser's problems continue.

Top 5 year-to-year show gainers
1. Glee (T8pm vs. W9pm) +52%
2. Modern Family +30%
3. The Middle (W8pm vs. W8:30pm) +17%
4. Smallville +8%
5. Dancing with the Stars (Tue.) +6%

This was the first time this sweep that the season's three biggest scripted growers - Glee, Modern Family, and The Middle - all aired during the same week, and Gwyneth Paltrow's guest turn puts Glee on top of the list this time. Smallville also got a boost from a guest star as Teri Hatcher returned to the Superman universe to play Lois Lane...'s mother. And while the Monday edition of Dancing has typically been the Star on a year-to-year basis, it was hindered a bit by only airing a 90-minute edition this week, and the Tuesday results show gets its moment in the spotlight.

Top 5 year-to-year timeslot losers
1. School Pride vs. Law & Order (NBC, Friday 8-9pm) -63%
2. Grey's Anatomy (R) vs. Flashforward (ABC, Thursday 8-9pm) -62%
3. No Ordinary Family vs. V (ABC, Tuesday 8-9pm) -45%
4. The Good Guys vs. Bones (R) (Fox, Friday 9-10pm) -42%
5. The Defenders vs. CSI: NY (CBS, Wednesday 10-11pm) -41%

Four of these top five were on this list last week, and the only one that wasn't (The Good Guys) was on the list in week one. Not much new here, but a spot may well open up in week 4 as A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving figures to improve on the typically awful-rated Grey's Anatomy repeats.

Top 5 year-to-year timeslot gainers
1. Primetime: WWYD? vs. Ugly Betty (ABC, Friday 9-10pm) +58%
2. Glee/Raising Hope/Raising Hope (R) vs. So You Think You Can Dance (Fox, Tuesday 8-10pm) +57%
3. Survivor vs. Old Christine/Gary Unmarried (CBS, Wednesday 8-9pm) +52%
t-4. Undercover Boss vs. Three Rivers (CBS, Sunday 9-10pm) +50% 
t-4. Supernatural vs. America's Next Top Model (R) (The CW, Friday 9-10pm) +50%

Again, four of these top five have been mainstays, although a weak performance from Supernatural (it tied a series low with a 0.9) almost entirely knocked off the show that topped this list in each of the first two weeks. Since I don't have a breakdown on last year's So You Think You Can Dance airing, I lump all of Fox's Tuesday together, but most of the credit for these big gains go to Glee (whose rating was well over 100% higher than the two-hour SYTYCD). Narrowly missing the list is The Middle; it doesn't have Hank to kick around as it did in week 1, but it's up 47% from a Modern Family repeat.

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