Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Demos Year-to-Year, Sunday 11/7/10

I'm leaving out some of the particularly sports-affected timeslots, but the CBS NFL overrun and a NASCAR overrun on ABC last year still mess comparisons up a bit. Treating the CBS shows as "same-timeslot" even though they were about 47 minutes apart.

SHOW day/time SLOT previous occupant
America's Funniest Videos -20% 7:32-8:00 -20%
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition -17%
Desperate Housewives -7%
Brothers & Sisters -14%

60 Minutes (8:07) -13% 7:20 -13%
The Amazing Race (9:07) -6% 8:20 -6%
Undercover Boss (10:07) n/a
+61% Three Rivers (9:20)

The Simpsons n/a
even Family Guy
The Cleveland Show -6% 9:30 -12% Seth & Alex's special
Family Guy -7%
American Dad! +45% 7:30 -9% The Cleveland Show

HOW TO READ THIS: These are adults 18-49 rating comparisons between the date in the post title and the corresponding night in November sweeps of 2009. The "SHOW" column compares each show with how that same show did during the second week of November sweeps 2009, no matter where it aired in 2009. (If it aired somewhere else, I tell you when in the "day/time" column.) The "SLOT" column compares each timeslot's rating with the timeslot's rating on the corresponding night in 2009, no matter what aired there last year. (If it's different, I tell you what it is in "previous occupant.")

In case you're interested, here's the post I did on the corresponding night in 2009.

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