Sunday, November 14, 2010

Some War of 18-49 Tweaks

Thanks to some new ratings info from AudiencesUSA, I have a little more information in my ratings database and have been able to update a few of the averages on my War of 18-49 ratings history posts. Most of the new info was for the 2005-06 season, but there are a handful of updates in the 2004-05 and 2006-07 seasons as well. I could've probably just snuck these on and nobody would've ever known the difference, but I thought I'd note it all just in case.

These updates aren't game-changers, but I do separate "minor" and "substantial" updates below. Most "minor" updates didn't change the averages but just slightly improved on the amount of info included. For the most part, the "substantial" updates gave me enough info for that season that I upgraded to my code for more precise averages (two digits after the decimal). There are a few "substantial" updates that gave me a lot more info but still not a complete enough picture for the two-digit averages, including Smallville 2004-05 and Supernatural 2005-06.

Here's the complete list of seasons for which I have additional info:

The Amazing Race, Fall 2005
The Amazing Race, Spring 2006
The Amazing Race, Fall 2006
America's Next Top Model, Fall 2005
America's Next Top Model, Spring 2006
American Dad!, 2005-06
Bones, 2005-06
Bones, 2006-07
Cold Case, 2005-06
CSI, 2002-03
CSI, 2003-04
Family Guy, 2005-06
Ghost Whisperer, 2005-06
How I Met Your Mother, 2005-06 (This is the only post for which I actually changed the commentary section, as the new info significantly changed the "worst of times." Since most of this stuff was fairly minor, I didn't check the text on many posts. So if you check out a show's page that was changed and notice an inconsistency between the prose and the averages, let me know.)
The New Adventures of Old Christine, 2005-06
The Simpsons, 2005-06
Smallville, 2004-05
Smallville, 2005-06
Supernatural, 2005-06

Brothers & Sisters, 2006-07
Cold Case, 2003-04
Cold Case, 2004-05
Criminal Minds, 2005-06
CSI, 2004-05
CSI: Miami, 2002-03
CSI: Miami, 2003-04
CSI: Miami, 2004-05
CSI: Miami, 2005-06
CSI: NY, 2005-06
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, 2006-07
Family Guy, 2006-07
Ghost Whisperer, 2006-07
House, 2004-05
House, 2005-06
Medium, 2004-05
NCIS, 2004-05
One Tree Hill, 2005-06
The Simpsons, 2004-05
The Simpsons, 2006-07
Smallville, 2006-07
Survivor, Spring 2006
Two and a Half Men, 2004-05

One more note: the updated averages are not reflected yet in the posts where I compiled the averages, like Final Battlegrounds and the Evolution Of... posts. I'll probably wait on updating those posts until December, when some other War of 18-49-related stuff may well be going down. More on that later!!!

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