Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Opinion Five-Spot, WE 11/21/10 - Tuesday TV, Glory Daze, Human Target, Fringe, HIMYM

Here's my TV opinions Five-Spot for the week ending November 21, 2010:

Tuesday doldrums - On Tuesdays, I'm recording more than any other night but one (Thursday), and yet I don't really even look forward to any of it, whereas on most other nights there are one or two shows I really do anticipate. Glee is inconsistent, No Ordinary Family is mediocre, Life Unexpected is repetitive. I do usually enjoy Parenthood, but even then I often don't watch the ep for several days. Maybe I ought to just quit TV on the night cold turkey? Been wanting to try The Good Wife and Detroit 1-8-7 again...

Glory Daze - Further adding to the pile-up of DVRed stuff I never get to on Tuesday was the fact that I sampled TBS' college comedy Glory Daze. Aside from a couple chuckles at Tim Meadows' character, it was basically laugh-free. And furthermore, it didn't answer the question I've always had of the show, which is why is it set in the 1980s? It seems like it's a better idea to set something in the present unless there is a fairly compelling reason not to. With Glory Daze, there seems to be no reason at all.

Human Target - Most shows that I give up on aren't because of some outright rejection but because my interest wanes and I eventually fall way behind and delete the Season Pass. So it was with season 1 of Human Target, probably about halfway through. But I returned for the season 2 premiere and actually kinda liked it, mostly because it was nice to see a little more estrogen on the show. Since most of its run will fall during the slow times of December/January, may give it another whirl.

Fringe - One show in which my interest is decidedly not waning is Fox Thursday drama Fringe, which has been getting a lot of press lately because of 1) the unfortunate move to Friday and 2) how ridiculously good it has been lately. Now, I always liked the show, even during those first two seasons when it seemed to be underachieving a bit. John Noble is always a worthwhile watch. And I had some real doubts about alternating episodes between universes. But I'm amazed with the alt-world they've built. Nice job!

How I Met Your Mother - Cheating a bit on this one as it was last night and not in the week ending 11/21, but I thought Blitzgiving was one of this season's better efforts. It was great seeing Lost's Jorge Garcia, and though I didn't particularly need the little nods to Lost, the character worked and I frankly wouldn't mind him sticking around as a recurring player. He fit right in with this cast. Sadly, that probably ain't happening. Also enjoyed the "Blitz" gimmick around which this ep was based.

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