Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Opinion Five-Spot, WE 11/28/10 - Parenthood, Survivor, Modern Family, The Walking Dead, The Event

This week's edition (and there may be more like this through December) is closer to "the only five things I watched" than "the five notable things I watched." Here's hoping it'll be interesting. Now, my Opinion Five-Spot for the week ending November 28, 2010:

Parenthood - This show, which last week I called the only Tuesday show I genuinely enjoy most weeks, was on top of its game for the Thanksgiving episode. It's amazing how much stuff is woven into one episode and how many different dynamics and relationships are touched upon, yet it never feels rushed. There's a lot of heart without being too sappy, and a lot of good drama without going over the top. This is a good show, and probably the best of the Thanksgiving eps I saw, even beating out HIMYM (discussed last week).

Survivor - Wasn't there a time when CBS actually had some qualms about calling these recap specials "all new"? Yes, there was some new material, but I just don't particularly care that Holly knew about Na'Onka stealing the flour. I always wonder in this technological age just how necessary these specials really are, but from a business standpoint there's no denying this did better than any repeat of anything would have on Thanksgiving Eve, and they didn't waste a "real" episode on the low-HUT holiday Wednesday.

Modern Family - Like many of the critics I've read, I have thought that in general season 2 of Modern Family has been a step back from the brilliant first season. And this week's episode was similarly merely decent. I find that most weeks I enjoy the Dunphys the most of the three families, and this week was definitely no exception as we delved into the always humorous Phil/Dylan relationship. The tag with Phil throwing away that orange sweater was a definite highlight.

The Walking Dead - I was a big Lost fan and hugely intrigued by all the Dharma mystery back in the day, so the WTF opener to this week's last act - reminiscent of when we met Desmond at the beginning of Lost season 2 - gets high marks here. Throw in Andrea watching her sister transforming, probably the scariest thing this show has done, and it was yet another standout episode. I watch so much TV that I'm "out of sight, out of mind" with most shows, but I'll really miss this one after Sunday's finale.

The Event - I'm cheating again by bleeding into Monday of the current week, but since the fall finale was just last night it seems like a good time to say something. Not too much was revealed, though we did find out what was up with the dude from Ed/Lost, and my hope that they had all come from the future (like in the still-missed The 4400) was sadly dashed. I just think that idea always has really cool dramatic possibilities! Oh yeah, and NBC offered no tease whatsoever for the second half of the season.

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