Friday, May 13, 2011

Demos Year-to-Year, May Sweeps 2011 Week Two Winners/Losers

Top 5 year-to-year show losers
1. Minute to Win It -59%
2. American Dad! (Su 7:30-8pm vs. Su 9:30-10pm) -47%
t-3. Fringe (F 9-10pm vs. Th 9-10pm) -45%
t-3. One Tree Hill (Tu 8-9pm vs. M 8-9pm) -45%
5. America's Next Top Model (W 9-10pm vs. W 8-9pm) -41%

Four of these five were in the top 5 last week. Minute to Win It has been slaughtered against the reality gauntlet, Fringe from a move to Friday, and OTH for no apparent reason. Top Model's also been way down, but that's particularly hurt this week by a non-finale vs. year-ago finale comparison. Joining the list is American Dad!, which didn't air last week. It has suffered greatly from its move to Sunday at 7:30 (where the viewing levels are much lower and there's no big Family Guy lead-in).

Top 5 year-to-year show gainers
1. 60 Minutes +53%
2. Dancing with the Stars: The Results (Tu 9-10pm vs. Tu 8-9pm) +36%
3. Parks & Recreation (Th 9:30-10pm vs. Th 8:30-9pm) +32%
4. Bones (Th 9-10pm vs. Th 8-9pm) +28%
5. Castle +24%

DWTS Tuesday (no Idol competition) and Parks (big Office lead-in) return this week. Bones and Castle were both in the bottom half of the top 10 last week but creep up a few notches this week. Bones benefits from the Idol lead-in, but Castle can take almost all the credit (its Dancing lead-in was up just 2% this week). Also joining the list is 60 Minutes, which was actually on the show loser list last week. So it goes for the newsmagazines. It benefited from a President Obama interview about the death of Osama Bin Laden.

Top 5 year-to-year timeslot losers
1. Traffic Light vs. Glee (Fox, Tuesday 9:30-10pm) -73%
2. Breaking In vs. American Idol (Fox, Wednesday 9:30-10pm) -65%
3. Minute to Win It (NBC, Wednesday 8-9pm) -59%
4. Raising Hope vs. Glee (Fox, Tuesday 9-9:30pm) -58%
5. Mike & Molly vs. The Big Bang Theory (CBS, Monday 9:30-10pm) -57%

The three Fox sitcoms were near the top of the list last week and make a return. We've already talked about the epic collapse of Minute to Win It. And Mike & Molly joins this week, a symbol of just how devastating the Charlie Sheen fiasco has been to CBS Monday. Since I've cut out repeat-original comparisons, I don't include how the 2.5 Men repeat is doing, but it's down 61% at 9:00.

Top 5 year-to-year timeslot gainers
1. American Idol vs. Bones (Fox, Thursday 8-9pm) +152%
2. The Voice vs. Parenthood (NBC, Tuesday 10-11pm) +81%
3. Happy Endings vs. Happy Town (ABC, Wednesday 10-10:30pm) +55%
4. CSI: Miami vs. Movie: Jesse Stone: No Remorse (CBS, Sunday 10-11pm) +54%
5. 60 Minutes (CBS, Sunday 7-8pm) +53%

The top three were all in last week's top 5. We already discussed 60 Minutes. That leaves CSI: Miami, which almost makes the list by default and not because of some great performance. The show itself is actually down a whooping 38% year-to-year, but last year's Tom Selleck movie attracted so little demo attention (just a 1.3) that Horatio Caine creeps onto this list.

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