Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Opinion Five-Spot, WE 2/13/11 - Traffic Light, Parenthood, Mr. Sunshine, Justified, Mad Love

Here's my Opinion Five-Spot for the week ending February 13, 2011:

Traffic Light - If there were a shade of blue between the "meh" and this "good," that's what I'd give Traffic Light. Maybe it was the low expectations (as the premise is just as generic as the other umpteen relationship shows premiering this season), maybe it was the Office guest stars playing two of the lead male roles, but I kinda detected a low-key Office sensibility here. Needs to get funnier, but I definitely saw a pretty decent foundation. Nice to see David Denman playing something other than a dunderhead romantic foil.

Parenthood - Also on Tuesday night was probably the best-yet episode of Parenthood, better known as "the only Tuesday show I really enjoy." I admit that John Corbett might be a little tough to buy in a grunge rocker role, but I didn't have any problem buying the complicated dynamics in that family. Then there was the intense blowup between Crosby and Jasmine, which is apparently gonna be a big part of tonight's ep (featuring the much-promoed return of Minka Kelly). It was pretty hard to watch, but in a good way.

Mr. Sunshine - Much like Traffic Light, I saw the foundation for something pretty good with Mr. Sunshine, though it didn't do much in the way of laughs. But that's fine, as almost no comedy really roars out of the gate. (Modern Family one of the only recent exceptions.) Would be nice to see the appealing yet perennial short-lived sitcom star Andrea Anders finally land on something that runs for awhile, if nothing else. Probably want to see another couple eps, because I just don't have much of a verdict yet.

Justified - I've mentioned before that I feel Justified is the only of the FX dramas that I really "get," and boy did I get the season 2 premiere. I'm definitely looking forward to more of Raylan going up against Margo Martindale's matriarch and her Lostie sons (especially Jeremy Davies). And I won't even mind if they throw in a few standalones, even though that very idea seems to be the bane of many fans' existence. Only concern is that while I like Walton Goggins, I'm hoping he continues to have stuff to do.

Mad Love - Surprise! It's the return of "shows potential, but not quite there yet." I actually think "potential" is kinda overrated, but I'm gonna give this one a few more chances. Of the three "potential" comedies rated herein, this pretty easily had my least favorite script, which is discouraging, but it also pretty easily had my favorite cast. Hoping they'll be able to tell jokes that live up to the comedic stylings of Judy Greer and Tyler Labine, a couple stars in several of my favorite "cancelled-too-soon" shows.

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