Saturday, February 12, 2011

Demos Year-to-Year, Friday 2/11/11

We're now into comparisons against 2010 evenings when NBC was airing the Winter Olympics. I continue to avoid comparing regular programming to sports, but that's the reason for so many repeats in 2010. Suffice to say NBC was much, much stronger last year than this year, and that will continue to be the case for awhile. (This time, it's a 9.4 rating during primetime for last year's opening ceremony vs. 1.4 for this year's Dateline and Who Do You Think You Are?) So keep that in mind when you look at the timeslot comparisons.

SHOW day/time SLOT previous occupant
A Charlie Brown Valentine -58% Wed (2/9) 8:00* +40% Spiderman 2.1
20/20 n/a

The Defenders n/a
+22% Surviving Survivor (R)
CSI: NY n/a
+33% Undercover Boss (R)
Blue Bloods (R) n/a
+22% Numb3rs (R)

Kitchen Nightmares n/a
+7% House (R)
Fringe n/a
-7% Kitchen Nightmares (R)

Smallville -10%
Supernatural -10% Thu 9:00 +50% Smallville (R)

HOW TO READ THIS: These are adults 18-49 rating comparisons between the date in the post title and the corresponding night in February sweeps of 2010. The "SHOW" column compares each show with how that same show did during the second week of February sweeps 2010, no matter where it aired in 2010. (If it aired somewhere else, I tell you when in the "day/time" column.) The "SLOT" column compares each timeslot's rating with the timeslot's rating on the corresponding night in 2010, no matter what aired there last year. (If it's different, I tell you what it is in "previous occupant.")

*- The year-ago airing of the Charlie Brown special was a half hour and only included one of the two specials from this year's version.

In case you're interested, here's the post I did on the corresponding night in 2010.

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