Saturday, September 3, 2011

22 Fall TV Matchups, Saturday 9/8c

Today, my fall preview looks at Saturday 9/8c. Once ABC's college football clears out at the beginning of the winter, this could become the only regular season timeslot on TV in which zero networks have something original regularly scheduled.

ABC will offer Saturday Night College Football on Saturdays in the fourth quarter as it has for quite awhile now.

America's Most Wanted has been on the air for more than two decades, but Fox shockingly announced at the upfront that the show's being reduced to a few specials per year. So Fox joins the repeat gang (with Terra Nova) starting in 2011-12.

CBS and NBC offer repeats in this hour.

Saturday Night College Football - 1.89 (-4% from last year)

College football if there's a game I'm interested in. You?

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