Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Premiere Week Year-to-Year, Sunday 9/25/11

It's not often you'll see a 944% increase, but I guess having the NFL one year and not having it the next can make a big difference... sadly, it's not eligible for the top of the week lists coming a little later because it's an original vs. a repeat...!

title SHOW day/time SLOT previous occupant
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition -13% -13%
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition -8% -8%
Desperate Housewives -26% -26%
Pan Am n/a +7%Brothers & Sisters

60 Minutes -26% Sun 7:30 -62%NFL Overrun/60 Minutes
The Amazing Race -21% Sun 8:30 (90min) -13%60 Minutes/Amazing Race Fall
The Good Wife n/a
-42%Amazing Race Fall
CSI: Miami n/a -39%Undercover Boss

Sports: Football Night in America p1 n/a n/a
Sports: Football Night in America p2 n/a +28%
Sports: Football Night in America p3 n/a +4%
Sports: Sunday Night Football n/a +14%

Sports: NFL Overrun n/a +944%The Simpsons (oR)
Sports: The OT n/a +194%The Simpsons (oR)
The Simpsons +5% +5%
The Cleveland Show +0% +0%
Family Guy -9% -9%
American Dad! n/a -33%Family Guy

HOW TO READ THIS: These are adults 18-49 rating comparisons between the date in the post title and the corresponding night in premiere week 2010. The 'SHOW' column compares each show with how that same show did during premiere week 2010, no matter where it aired in 2010. (If it aired somewhere else, I tell you when in the 'day/time' column.) The 'SLOT' column compares each timeslot's rating with the timeslot's rating on the corresponding night in 2010, no matter what aired there last year. (If it's different, I tell you what it is in 'previous occupant.')

Stats in blue are less accurate due to lack of access to half-hour breakdowns.

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