Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another Week, Another SRs Tweak

I've mentioned in the "What? and Why? of Spotted Ratings" post that a problem with a couple of the stats in the daily tables is that they don't work well for 10:00 shows since there are only three networks for which we get national ratings in that hour. The "broadcast share" is taking a piece of a much smaller pie, while the "competition" is comparing against fewer networks (can't take into account news/other local stuff on Fox/CW).

Till I come up with something better, these are simple enough fixes for 10:00 shows (or the 10:00 portions of shows that air partially in that hour):

Competition - 10:00 shows currently face two networks where the other shows face 3.5. So multiply two-network competition times a 3.5 / 2 constant to get the equivalent of facing 3.5 networks.

bcShr - 10:00 shows are currently one among three networks (1 / 3) where others are one among 4.5. So multiply by a 3.0 / 4.5 constant to get the equivalent of being one of 4.5 networks (1 / 4.5).

It's still not exactly a "level playing field," but it should be closer. Worth noting is that counting the CW as even a "half network" is a bit of a stretch; a "half network" in a 4.5-network world would get one-ninth of the broadcast ratings, or about an 11 bcShr, but most shows on that net finish in the single digits. But we'll go with this for now.

Changes apply starting with the next tables I post and will be noted in the key. Thanks for reading!

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