Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A18-49+ Update: Time of Day in 2013-14

Here's a look at trends among the original series sorted by time of day on the big four networks in 2013-14:

Year 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30
2003-04 92 101 107 105 104 105
2004-05 87 99 110 110 107 108
2005-06 85 101 110 111 105 105
2006-07* 96 114 95
2007-08* 101 114 87
2008-09* 100 115 89
2009-10* 107 114 83
2010-11 103 109 113 105 85 83
2011-12 105 108 114 105 86 82
2012-13 108 108 113 105 84 79
2013-14 110 106 109 102 88 84

As I've mentioned a couple other times, 2013-14 was a bit of a comeback year for several areas that had been on the downturn in recent years, like the CW and Friday nights. The 10:00 hour was another example, as it grew to its biggest average ratings in five years in each half-hour. Why? It's been an hour lacking in major success stories in recent years, but three of broadcast's biggest 2013-14 successes came in the hour: top drama Scandal, top newbie The Blacklist, and sophomore bouncer Chicago Fire.

Another interesting note is that the 8:00 hour actually outrated 8:30, something that's never really been the case in the past. Usually, the major jump in viewing levels makes the difference. A big part of this trend comes from weaker retention by half-hour series; the shows airing after 8:00 occupants like The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother were weaker than usual this season. Perhaps the typical one-hour or two-hour series is not jumping as much at 8:30 as in the past, but I haven't done enough number-crunching to make a call on that. More on that another day!

Here's the now updated A18-49+ Time of Day post.


Spot said...

Parks and Recreation and Family Guy are the only shows at 8:30 growing this year and those both only aired there for half or less of the season in that situation. No growing 2 Broke Girls or Suburgatory. Malibu Country at least at the beginning of last season was maintaining or growing from LMS, which the Neighbors could not. The Millers wasn't nearly the maintainer of the Big Bang Theory as Two and a Half Men. Lots of little reasons to not grow at 8:30

Spot said...

I know its just a repeat lineup, but I really think that that CSI/H50/Blue Bloods lineup would be great for CBS fridays. Especially with how much unscripted is at Fridays at 8, being the sole scripted drama might be good for CSI

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