Saturday, September 10, 2011

Spotted Ratings, Saturday 9/3/11 (FINALS)

  • I consider this Tuesday (Sept. 13) the unofficial start of the new season because it's when the first 2011-12 entertainment programs premiere. But the "unofficial unofficial" start was September 3, because it was when the first thing premiered that actually counts as a regular 2011-12 program. That was ABC's Saturday Night College Football (2.7), whose LSU/Oregon matchup outdid every regular season Saturday game on ABC last year.
  • Elsewhere, NBC's college football between Notre Dame and South Florida moved well into primetime thanks to multiple weather delays. That game pulled a 1.0 at 8:00, a 0.9 at 8:30, and was then moved off of NBC so the net could fit its original movie Game Time: Tackling the Past (0.5) into primetime.
Above based on FINAL adults 18-49 ratings unless otherwise noted.

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