Friday, September 9, 2011

22 Fall TV Matchups, Friday 10/9c

As mentioned in the Fall Matchups last May, this is the only timeslot on TV to return exactly as it was at the end of the last season. And two of the three broadcast options are newsmagazines. That means this will not be one of the more exciting posts...!

Like 9/8c, this timeslot rated difficult in 2010-11. All shows airing in the hour had noticeably negative Sitches (typically -10% to -15%), though not quite as negative as timeslots like Thursday 8/7c and Friday 8/7c.

The longtime home of newsmagazine 20/20 will continue to be that way in 2011-12. It averaged a 1.52 demo during the regular season last year.

Crime drama Numb3rs debuted in this timeslot in early 2005 and held down the timeslot pretty consistently through its April 2010 finale. After several years as part of the moving/cancellation rumor mill, its big drops in 2009-10 finally got it the axe. CBS went with Tom Selleck-led newbie Blue Bloods in 2010-11, and it was that increasingly rare new show success on Friday (even though it was only about even with the year-ago Numb3rs). It returns to the hour for fall 2011 after averaging a 1.77 demo last season.

NBC moved crime drama Life to this timeslot for the beginning of fall 2008. Its results weren't anything special but they were good enough to warrant NBC moving the show to its fast-tanking Wednesday lineup while Wednesday refugee Lipstick Jungle briefly ended up here. Jungle did badly and was pulled temporarily, eventually airing its last few episodes in the 9:00 hour while Dateline NBC took over on most Fridays at 10. In the first part of 2009-10 it was home to The Jay Leno Show, like every other 10:00 weeknight on the net, but when it ended in February the net generally expanded Dateline to two hours. Legal newbie Outlaw then got a brief run, but (as predicted last year) it wasn't long before it was out and hour two of Dateline was in. Once again, NBC promises just one hour of Dateline, but this time that hour is regularly scheduled at 10/9c. It averaged a 1.41 demo last season.

Syfy goes with another season of drama Sanctuary.

20/20 - 1.41 (-7% from last year)
Blue Bloods - 1.67 (-6%)
Dateline - 1.37 (-3%)

Blue Bloods is a nice Friday night show for me; kinda reminds me of the much-missed original Law & Order. So I'll stick with that. You?

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