Thursday, June 12, 2014

Weekly True Power Rankings for Summer 2014

New this summer, this is one post with the Weekly True Power Rankings for all five networks' summer programming. As with the regular season editions, they line up all the network's shows based on their recent averages (last one-third of episodes aired)  in the timeslot-adjusted metric True. They'll be updated each week alongside the SpotVault.

These rankings cover results through Sunday, August 17.

ABCTrueLastEpA18-49Skewy2yCounted Eps
1The Bachelorette2.25/\ 0.061.9033%-13%4
2Bachelor in Paradise1.75/\ 0.101.5035%1
320/20 (S)1.74\/ 0.041.1229%+9%5
4Primetime: What Would You Do?1.48\/ 0.100.8834%-20%5
5Extreme Weight Loss1.39/\ 0.041.0836%-5%4
6Wipeout1.36/\ 0.100.9336%-4%3
7Rookie Blue1.30/\ 0.020.9023%-16%3
8Celebrity Wife Swap1.30/\ 0.021.0240%-22%5
9Mistresses1.12/\ 0.020.9833%-13%4
10Rising Star1.11\/ 0.060.8032%3
11Motive1.03\/ 0.050.7026%-13%4
12Black Box0.98/\ 0.050.6526%4
13Sing Your Face Off0.87\/ 0.380.5028%1
14The Quest0.76\/ 0.080.5032%1
15Bet On Your Baby0.57\/ 0.120.3327%-18%3

CBSTrueLastEpA18-49Skewy2yCounted Eps
1Big Brother Wed3.16\/ 0.112.2042%+1%3
2Big Brother Sun3.00/\ 0.032.0742%-7%3
3Big Brother Thu2.84/\ 0.082.2344%-6%3
4Under the Dome1.98\/ 0.051.5329%-40%3
5Extant1.35\/ 0.081.0022%2
6Unforgettable1.27\/ 0.070.8718%-22%3
748 Hours (S)1.09\/ 0.130.8523%2
8Reckless0.82\/ 0.030.5718%3

NBCTrueLastEpA18-49Skewy2yCounted Eps
1America's Got Talent Tue2.69\/ 0.042.2330%-9%4
2American Ninja Warrior2.30/\ 0.011.9043%+11%4
3Dateline Fri (S)1.78\/ 0.091.1024%+1%3
4Running Wild1.71/\ 1.711.5041%1
5Last Comic Standing1.56/\ 0.081.1441%5
6Hollywood Game Night1.52/\ 0.021.0737%-5%7
7Food Fighters1.48\/ 0.121.1033%2
8The Night Shift1.34/\ 0.021.2726%3
9Undateable1.19/\ 0.030.7041%5
10Taxi Brooklyn1.04\/ 0.020.9323%3
11Working the Engels0.86/\ 0.860.5536%2
12Welcome to Sweden0.80/\ 0.800.6034%2
13Crossbones0.50\/ 0.070.3025%3

FoxTrueLastEpA18-49Skewy2yCounted Eps
1MasterChef2.45/\ 0.012.0344%-19%4
2Hell's Kitchen2.35/\ 0.021.6144%-18%7
324: Live Another Day1.74/\ 0.031.4835%4
4So You Think You Can Dance1.48\/ 0.021.0839%-25%4
5Hotel Hell1.41/\ 0.011.3547%2
6Gang Related0.99/\ 0.030.7239%5
7I Wanna Marry Harry0.70/\ 0.020.4048%2
8Riot0.52\/ 0.020.4048%2

The CWTrueLastEpA18-49Skewy2yCounted Eps
1Whose Line Is It Anyway?0.74/\ 0.020.5842%-41%6
2Penn and Teller: Fool Us0.71\/ 0.040.5039%1
3Beauty and the Beast0.33\/ 0.000.2947%-51%8
4Masters of Illusion0.33/\ 0.020.2029%1
5Famous in 120.27/\ 0.010.2051%2
6Seed0.24\/ 0.050.2051%1
7Backpackers0.19\/ 0.010.1041%1

Regular Season True Power Rankings: ABC | CBS | NBC | Fox | CW


Spot said...

24 is such a disappointment.

Looking forward to seeing how Extant/Big Brother/Under the Dome do.

Spot said...

Sing Your Face Off is now Truly stronger than every 2013-4 ABC freshman drama bar Resurrection and SHIELD. I'm pretty sure it's going to be renewed.

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