Monday, June 30, 2014

The Question, Monday 6/30/14: What is Under the Dome's Ratings Ceiling?

Last summer's huge 3.3 premiere of Under the Dome was one of 2013's most significant ratings moments, helping to inspire an increase in effort from the broadcasters this summer. Dome itself remained a big success, though it ended up settling roughly 25% below the premiere number (including a couple 2.4's in August) before getting back to a 2.8 for the finale. And the struggles of The Following have raised some questions about how this new crop of broadcast "limited series" will weather 8-9 month hiatuses.

I don't see Under the Dome pulling a full-fledged Following meltdown; its older-skewing audience should be a bit more resilient. But it still may take some hit across the hiatus, only returning toward the low end of where it settled in August. This level may be seen as a disappointment in some circles, but I think it's how this limited series thing will usually go in season two (unless there's more momentum late in the season than this show seemed to have).

Over/Under: 2.45.

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