Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Question, Wednesday 6/25/14: Will Big Brother Be Even Bigger?

Summer Wednesdays are finally getting a little more interesting, as CBS kicks off its summer season with the return of reality staple Big Brother. Last season, the show started off down double digits year-to-year on premiere night but did much better as the season wore on (benefiting in year-to-year comparisons from no Olympics). The finale hit a 2.5, exactly even year-to-year, so I expect this premiere to nearly match last year's somewhat underachieving 2.2 premiere. It is worth noting that the lights have been almost completely off on CBS for the last month; they didn't even have their usual early-summer reality filler like Dogs in the City or The American Baking Competition. But that likely doesn't matter a ton in this case.

Over/Under: 2.15.

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Spot said...

I'm a little less bullish on 2.5 Men - while it could actually shed as many as 14 points in Plus and still land at #10 outright, or 15 and tie w/ King of Queens, I'm not sure that we aren't just going to see it continue to bleed out. It does feel like the cultural opinion has finally caught up to the critical one, and now that that's there, you just can't tell where the ratings bottom is. After all, Desperate Housewives (which, yes, it did make the list) still fell at the same rate it had been falling for the preceding several seasons, and 2.5 Men doesn't have the space between its s9 ratings and the cutoff that DH did.

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