Monday, June 9, 2014

War of 18-49 Update, Glee (2013-14)

Let's take a look at the 2013-14 season (the fifth overall) of Glee on Fox.

Timeslot Lo Avg Hi y2y A18-49+ Label y2y Results
Thu 9:00, Tue 8:000.6 1.212.9 -45%64flop -39% detail

Rating the Ratings: What happens when a four-year flameout gets a fifth season? In Glee's case, it was one of the biggest disasters for a veteran series in recent memory. I really expected coming into the season that Cory Monteith's death would spark some interest across a large chunk of the fall, but it only had any real impact on the Monteith tribute episode (whose 2.9 nearly matched the season four high). Surrounding that isolated spike was a level in the mid-1's, which was down about 40% from the usual delivery at that time last season. The nightmare only intensified in Glee's return to the Tuesday 8/7c slot where it had been a cultural phenomenon just a couple years earlier. It began with a 1.2 on February 25 and couldn't even consistently break a 1.0 beyond that; this level was down at least 50% from what it did after American Idol in the second half of last season. It ended on an unbelievably sour note, tanking to new lows at 0.8 and then zero point six in the last two episodes.

Since Fox renewed it for two seasons in 2013, it's coming back to wrap up its run in 2014-15. But despite reports of a full-season order, Fox was able to keep it off the fall sked and is apparently in negotiations on the "right" episode count. After the way this season went, they're surely pushing hard for as little as possible.  Grade: F.

Here's the now updated War of 18-49 post for Glee.

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