Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The True Top 25, Week Ending 6/30/13 (2012-13 Week 40)

The True Top 25 is back to check in on the top broadcast shows for the first of three times this summer. This time we found a relatively big event week, with the final game of the Stanley Cup Finals going up against CBS' huge Under the Dome premiere. Dome still has a chance to settle at a chart-topping level in future weeks, and it's currently joined at the elite summer level by America's Got Talent and the two Gordon Ramsay shows. It's yet to be determined whether Big Brother is on that level or whether it'll settle into the Bachelorette/So You Think You Can Dance second tier, as its Sunday result suggested.

Even in a summer of relatively weak originals, just nine repeats made the list, the top three of which were from one show. Only Big Bang and sometimes Fox's animation remain capable of getting north of a 1.3 or so in the summer, which is why we will probably continue to see the volume of summer originals increase.

Rank Name True2 A18-49 ARank
1Stanley Cup Finals3.863.31
2Under the Dome3.723.31
3America's Got Talent Tue2.962.63
5The Big Bang Theory (SR-Thu)2.792.17
7Big Brother Wed2.782.25
8Hell's Kitchen2.662.17
9The Bachelorette2.252.09
10The Big Bang Theory (SR-Mon-9:00)2.191.911
11So You Think You Can Dance2.121.713
12The Big Bang Theory (SR-Mon-9:30)2.102.09
13Big Brother Sun2.081.911
14Dateline Fri (S)1.811.315
15Ann Curry Reports1.791.315
162 Broke Girls (SR)1.681.315
17Family Guy (SR)1.631.514
18Primetime: What Would You Do?1.631.125
19Rookie Blue1.621.221
20Criminal Minds (SR)1.621.315
2120/20 (S)1.611.125
22Modern Family (SR)1.561.125
23Extreme Weight Loss1.511.221
24Two and a Half Men (SR)1.491.315
25Off Their Rockers (SR)1.451.125

Missing the True Top 25 but in the A18-49 list: Many repeats, but I will just point out the two originals: The American Baking Competition (t-#21 in A18-49, #34 in True2) and Mistresses (t-#25 in A18-49, #37 in True2).

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I created the True Strength number so I could have an objective way of comparing shows across vastly different situations. One of the most fun comparisons to be made is among the biggest shows on TV. What's really the strongest show in a vacuum? Hence my new weekly feature the True Top 25. This will compare shows while accounting for everything so we can see who Truly comes out on top. I include both the A18-49 and the weekly ranking in A18-49 so you can see the changes within the rankings that True Strength makes.

The A18-49 rankings aren't based on Nielsen's "official" broadcast top 25. They're derived from my own spreadsheet just using the big-five networks, so none of the big players on Univision are included. I've also weeded out some weird programming like NFL overruns and sports pre-game shows. Most of that stuff airs largely out of primetime or is strangely split apart, so I don't want to muddle the list with that.

As mentioned on the sports SpotVault pages, True Strengths for sporting events are based on the primetime portion only. Perhaps in future editions I'll try to get the primetime portion only A18-49 into the A18-49 rankings so it'll be a totally fair comparison.


Spot said...

I have some hope that Under the Dome is what networks really need to get more aggressive about summer. We shall see.

Spot said...

It'll depend on how it holds as the season goes on, but it certainly shows that you can make a splash with scripted originals in the summer. Unforgettable's summer numbers will be interesting, too. CBS certainly have the most room to go scripted in the summer, given their cavernous gap between their regular season scripted lineup (a very comfortable #1) and their summer unscripted lineup (which by comparison does horribly).

I could see summer being a place where networks take a few speculative punts on something off-brand or with niche appeal. In particular, sci-fi/genre shows might work well in summer, given that I could imagine their audience being less likely to go out on summer nights...

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