Tuesday, July 21, 2015

War of 18-49 Update, Survivor (Spring 2015)

Let's take a look at the spring 2015 season (the thirtieth overall) of Survivor on CBS.

Timeslot Lo Avg Hi y2y A18-49+ Label y2y Results
Wednesday 8:001.8 2.262.5 -5%134hit +6% detail

Rating the Ratings: Survivor quietly churned out a third straight season (and also a third straight spring season) of year-to-year growth in Plus. It was even for the premiere and for most of the mid-section of the season, though it didn't spike quite as much in the closing weeks as last spring did. A- felt like a bit of a stretch but I wanted to note that this felt like an even more impressive performance than the already triumphant fall season. The year-to-year trends were almost identical, but the fall season was up in Plus to simply recoup drops from the previous two falls, whereas this spring season was up in Plus for a third straight year. Grade: B+.

Here's the now updated War of 18-49 post for Survivor.

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