Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Question II, Tuesday 3/17/15: Will Viewers of The Flash Dine on iZombie?

ALERT: It's a double-Question day! See also the Undateable/One Big Happy Question!

The CW's The Flash is the biggest success in the network's near-decade of existence. Tonight, the network will take its first stab at a new series after that Flash lead-in, and it's another entry from the DC Comics conglomerate that has seemingly taken over television this season. But iZombie doesn't have the name recognition of Arrow or The Flash. Will viewers of The Flash dine on iZombie? That's The Question for Tuesday, March 17, 2015.

Recent CW Drama Premieres
1.0 (The Originals, 10/3/13)
0.9 (The Tomorrow People, 10/9/13) (0.9 Arrow lead-in)
0.8 (Reign, 10/17/13) (1.3 The Vampire Diaries lead-in)
0.4 (Star-Crossed, 2/17/14)
0.9 (The 100, 3/19/14) (0.8 Arrow lead-in)
1.9 (The Flash, 10/7/14)
0.6 (Jane the Virgin, 10/13/14) (0.7 The Originals lead-in)

I'm not sold that this concept will bring in as much outside appeal as last March's launch of The 100 did. But with a big lead-in from The Flash, it doesn't necessarily need to have as much outside appeal to tie or get past The 100's 0.9 opener from a year ago. The Flash ended its winter run on a 1.5, and DST is likely to push it a bit lower than that for tonight.

Over/Under: 0.95.

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