Wednesday, September 21, 2022

The 2022-23 Daily Year-to-Date Rankings

This is a sortable list of series and ratings averages for the 2022-23 season, including every series that has a page in the SpotVault. For the first time, it is also a filterable list, meaning you can boil the table down to just one network, one category of programming or only new shows. (The striped formatting looks kinda ugly when filtered, but hopefully that is worth the added functionality.)

The checkboxes below control what you see. You can double-click any of the checkboxes to select only that one thing and de-select everything else in the category.

These numbers are up to date through Sunday, October 2. (Includes preliminary broadcast ratings for Saturday, June 19 and Friday, September 30 and Saturday, October 1 and Sunday, October 2.) (Cable numbers through Thursday, September 29.)

Comedy Drama Reality News All
New Shows Returning Shows All

60 Minutes1.610.572.65+39%3190.320.8410.8119%
The Simpsons0.900.401.41-15%1790.891.682.7643%
Survivor Fall0.730.660.79-29%1460.491.094.8420%
The Voice Tue Fall0.720.690.73-31%1420.371.096.1515%
Chicago Fire0.680.680.69-20%1360.311.086.7513%
Chicago Med0.680.660.70-11%1350.321.036.6113%
Chicago PD0.660.660.67-18%1320.291.065.4616%
The Voice Fall0.660.660.67-35%1320.351.036.1114%
The Masked Singer Fall0.640.630.66-38%1280.350.993.8022%
Law and Order: SVU0.610.530.69-21%1210.350.975.0716%
Law and Order: Organized Crime0.550.490.62-14%1100.300.854.3017%
Law and Order0.540.490.60-12%1080.270.864.5816%
The Great North0.520.300.75+2%1040.510.891.5843%
The Conners0.520.510.53-10%1030.210.833.6019%
Abbott Elementary0.520.460.57-19%1020.320.742.7325%
Young Sheldon0.510.510.51-27%1010.290.986.8810%
FBI: International0.490.480.50-12%970.200.855.6611%
FBI: Most Wanted0.490.470.51-18%970.190.845.3312%
La Brea0.490.490.49-36%970.190.744.0216%
The Neighborhood0.480.460.50-26%950.200.824.8813%
Family Guy0.450.400.50-14%890.310.631.3244%
Shark Tank0.440.400.48-17%870.260.703.4617%
Bob's Burgers0.430.300.57-19%860.330.721.3542%
Celebrity Wheel of Fortune0.420.300.48-17%830.230.683.6715%
The Amazing Race Fall0.410.380.46-34%820.240.622.7420%
Bob Hearts Abishola0.410.390.43-27%810.170.694.5912%
Quantum Leap0.400.340.47800.170.683.0617%
The Goldbergs0.400.360.44-36%790.170.632.3422%
So Help Me Todd0.370.370.37730.210.644.8210%
New Amsterdam0.360.330.39-26%710.180.523.0016%
Celebrity Jeopardy!0.360.300.42710.250.653.7013%
LEGO Masters0.350.350.36700.200.481.4931%
NCIS: Hawai'i0.350.330.40-30%700.170.634.8210%
The Rookie: Feds0.340.340.34670.180.482.2819%
The Resident0.340.330.35-27%670.140.572.6817%
Home Economics0.340.300.38-12%670.140.511.9822%
The Cleaning Lady0.330.320.35-31%660.170.562.3219%
Dateline Fri0.320.300.33-25%620.140.542.8115%
The Rookie0.300.300.31-9%600.160.513.0613%
CSI: Vegas0.270.270.27-41%540.170.463.1811%
Big Sky0.220.190.26-35%450.100.352.1014%
Call Me Kat0.200.200.20-84%400.060.311.2022%
Welcome to Flatch0.180.180.18-10%360.090.270.8229%

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