Thursday, July 14, 2011

Spotted Ratings, Wednesday 7/13/11

  • As CBS PR would tell you, Big Brother (2.6) had its best Wednesday premiere since 2003! (What that really means is better than last year and the two 2008 seasons. Those are the only ones since 2003 that actually aired on Wednesday. But that's still fine, I guess.) That's a little higher than the Sunday premiere and a little lower than the Thursday premiere from this year.
  • Big Brother was almost the evening's top program as America's Got Talent (2.8) was at easily its weakest levels of the season to date and the shows that sandwiched it, Minute to Win It (1.2) and Love in the Wild (1.7), were each down a couple ticks from last week.
  • The problems continue for So You Think You Can Dance (1.8), which dropped below 2.0 for its first airing of the week for the first time ever.
Above based on preliminary adults 18-49 ratings unless otherwise noted.

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