Friday, July 1, 2011

Spotted Ratings, Thursday 6/23/11 & 6/30/11

  • ABC premiered an all-new Thursday on June 23. While the results were somewhat promising on premiere night, all three shows dropped in week two as the 4th of July weekend nears. Wipeout (2.4 on June 23, 1.9 on June 30) was already close to its disappointing Tuesday numbers last night, Expedition Impossible (2.4 on June 23, 1.8 on June 30) started nicely but dropped 25% in week two and Rookie Blue (1.6 on June 23, 1.4 on June 30) is already below all but its last couple results from last summer.
  • Elsewhere in the original world, So You Think You Can Dance (2.0 on June 23, 1.8 on June 30) continues to struggle on Thursday, with the latter result tying its worst summer rating ever, while NBC burnoff Love Bites (0.8 on June 23, 0.7 on June 30) continues to at least be on the schedule, but certainly not successfully. The Thursday standout among repeaters remains The Big Bang Theory (1.8 on June 23, 1.5 on June 30).

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