Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Breakdown: NBC Tuesday in 2015-16 (Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, The Voice, Best Time Ever)

It's time for a journey through the NBC Tuesday schedule in 2015-16...


2014-15The Voice Tue FallMarry MeAbout a BoyChicago Fire127
2015-16Best Time EverThe Voice Tue FallChicago Fire137 (+8%)
84 (-54%)200 (+150%)127 (+7%)

The Voice was technically the most frequent occupant in both the 8:00 and 9:00 hours, but in the interest of making the comparisons fair I shoehorned Best Time Ever into the 8:00 slot. Even in just the 8/7c episodes, Best Time did a little better than last year's fall comedies. The Voice and (after a somewhat slow start) Chicago Fire also showed high single digits improvement.

Chicago Med showed up very late in the fall and averaged a 139 in its first four episodes.


2014-15Parks and RecreationMarry MeAbout a BoyChicago Fire73
2015-16Hollywood Game NightChicago MedChicago Fire101 (+38%)
77 (+1%)108 (+124%)119 (+24%)

NBC's winter lineup produced one of the season's biggest year-to-year ratings gains. It was most stark at 9/8c, where the network had triple-digit improvement going from fractional comedies to mid-1's from ChiMed. Much of that rubbed off on Chicago Fire, which was up in raw numbers for most of its winter eps.


2014-15The Voice Tue SpringUndateableOne Big HappyChicago Fire114
2015-16The Voice Tue SpringChicago MedChicago Fire125 (+9%)
149 (-9%)112 (+46%)113 (+11%)

The Voice slowed down quite a bit in the spring edition, but the big gains persisted in the last two hours.

The Shows

The Voice Tue Fall2.12.803.7-9%192big hit+5%detail
Best Time Ever1.11.502.1103soliddetail
Hollywood Game Night0.71.021.3-20%70marginal-8%detail
The Voice Tue Spring*1.62.343.1-22%161big hit-10%detail
Chicago Med1.41.712.2117soliddetail
Chicago Fire*1.51.762.0-3%121solid+12%detail

The Voice Tue Fall: Already updated.

Best Time Ever: Thanks to its first three weeks with huge lead-ins, it goes down as one of the highest-rated cancellations of the season, trailing only American Idol and Mike and Molly. Wasn't that bad even after the move to 8/7c, really.

Hollywood Game Night: Did its job as solid Voice filler in the winter, but was considerably diminished when it moved to Sunday 10/9c later in the season. Waiting on a grade here in case it airs its remaining episodes later this summer.

The Voice Tue Spring: Already updated.

Chicago Med: At least in season one, it was the weakest of the Chicago series, but still one of the biggest newbie wins of the season on any network. It gets to tackle Thursday next season.

Chicago Fire: Actually tempted to go lower here since the lead-in upgrade was so enormous, but it was still easily a career high in Plus. Grade: B+. It'll get yet another new dynamic with This Is Us next season. Even if that show's viral trailer translates to ratings, it seems hard to imagine it being a better companion than Med was.

The names in this last table link to the shows' War of 18-49 pages. Links with an asterisk(*) have been updated with the new info. Updates to younger shows will come later in the summer.

Check back tomorrow for this day's new Schedules Plus! Till then, you can refer to the old version.

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