Monday, June 6, 2016

The Breakdown: NBC Monday in 2015-16 (Blindspot, The Voice, Superstore and more!)

It's time for a journey through the NBC Monday schedule in 2015-16...


2014-15The Voice FallThe Blacklist186
2015-16The Voice FallBlindspot196 (+5%)
214 (+7%)214 (+7%)159 (0%)

Thanks to a great hold in the late fall, and a depressed league average, The Voice actually pulled off its highest-ever A18-49+ ratings on a main night. Throw in Blindspot, another very worthy entry in the post-Voice tradition that includes Revolution and The Blacklist, and this was one of NBC's best fall Monday lineups on record.


2014-15Celebrity ApprenticeState of Affairs93
2015-16SuperstoreTelenovelaThe Biggest Loser77 (-17%)
102 (-8%)65 (-41%)74
84 (-25%)74 (-32%)74 (+26%)

Even as Superstore was a legitimate success in the lead-off role, this went down as one of NBC's weakest between-Voice lineups. The Biggest Loser was a long way from its last stint as winter filler in 2013, and Telenovela struggled at 8:30 as well.


2014-15The Voice SpringThe Night Shift141
2015-16The Voice SpringBlindspot140 (-1%)
162 (-7%)162 (-7%)95 (+24%)

A funny quirk about Blindspot is that even as it collapsed in the ratings from fall to spring, it also became much more favorable in the timeslot on a year-to-year basis... because it was getting compared against The Night Shift. However, the lineup as a whole was down because The Voice was down.

The Shows

The Voice Fall*
The Voice Spring*2.02.503.4-19%172big hit-6%detail
The Biggest Loser*

The Voice Fall: Already updated.

Superstore: Self-starting comedy successes are pretty rare, but this was the second straight season that produced one (Fresh Off the Boat was one last year).

Telenovela: Wasn't as bad as appeared possible when it previewed to 1.4/0.9 after The Voice. Still, airing in a very high-viewed time of year, these numbers probably didn't get it close to the renewal conversation.

The Voice Spring: Started and ended with 20%ish declines, and only occasionally showed flashes of better. The declines were even a bit steeper than this for the Tuesday episodes, at -22%. It was easily the show's unhealthiest season to date, but still far from being a collapse on American Idol's level. Grade: C.

The Biggest Loser: Even in Plus is usually a win, but it didn't feel like one in this case. Moving from Thursday 8/7c to Monday 9:00-11:00 should've been a timeslot upgrade. It did have to face a very strong The Bachelor in this case, but still... Biggest Loser had a whooping 110 Plus the last time it was on this night. Grade: C.

Blindspot: After performing at big hit levels during the fall, its spring collapse meant it just barely eked out a "hit" label.

The names in this last table link to the shows' War of 18-49 pages. Links with an asterisk(*) have been updated with the new info. Updates to younger shows will come later in the summer.

Check back tomorrow for this day's new Schedules Plus! Till then, you can refer to the old version.

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