Sunday, August 21, 2011

22 Fall TV Matchups: The Fall Preview Returns!

My third annual comprehensive preview of fall TV is going by the name "22 Fall TV Matchups," combining the number (of hours) from each of the last two years with the word "Matchups," which I've been using for all scheduling preview posts outside of this project. For the last two years of preseason coverage, see the indices for the last two names: "19 Timeslots" and "22 Hours."

This year's edition starts a week later than last year because the unofficial start of 2011-12 entertainment programming is about a week later than last year (premieres of The Biggest Loser, Parenthood, 90210, Ringer on September 13). It will all end three weeks from today, or just two days before the unofficial start date!

This year, I'll continue to predict the demo average for every show and look at some recent timeslot history. I'll also incorporate the True Strength project mostly for the purpose of estimating the "toughness" of a timeslot. I'll do that using the Sitch stat introduced earlier today.

Post one goes up in ten minutes!

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