Sunday, August 28, 2011

22 Fall TV Matchups, Sunday 8/7c

Today, my fall preview looks at Sunday 8/7c. Much like 7, Sunday at 8 is filled with staples that have been around for awhile, but ABC and Fox both look to shake things up a bit later this fall.

This timeslot rated easy in 2010-11, as most shows in this timeslot had noticeably positive Sitches. Though the slot is somewhat competitive, the overall viewing levels are the easily the highest of any 8/7c hour.

The staple here for more than seven years has been Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, which has lost a lot of potency but will briefly return to the hour early this fall. It averaged a 2.26 last season. On October 21, Home Edition finally moves to make way for newbie Once Upon a Time.

After a rocky Tuesday cycle in spring of 2006, CBS moved The Amazing Race to Sunday nights at 8:00 where it's managed to carve out a home for itself. It returns in 2011-12, coming off of 2010-11 cycles that averaged a 3.32 and 2.64 demo.

Football Night in America and Sunday Night Football will fill this slot in the fall as they have for the last three years. Sunday Night Football averaged a 7.88 demo last season (for the full night). The spring is a bigger question mark. In 2009 they tried to launch a scripted drama in Kings. But Kings was DOA and shipped to Saturday within a few weeks. The midseason entry in 2010 was game show Minute to Win It which did OK and moved elsewhere for future airings. And in 2011, they went with failed reality show America's Next Great Restaurant. Next year, NBC's typical 9:00-11:00 entry The Celebrity Apprentice is slated to slide down to an 8/7c start time.

The Simpsons has been the longtime animation anchor for Fox at 8:00 and will be no exception in fall 2011. It posted a 3.21 average in 2010-11. The Cleveland Show debuted at 8:30 in fall 2009, replacing long-running King of the Hill. Fox did some animation rearranging in early 2011 to make way for newbie Bob's Burgers at 8:30. This fall, Cleveland briefly returns to 8:30 before again departing in favor of another newbie. This time, it'll be Jonah Hill animation Allen Gregory.

Once Upon a Time - 2.20
The Amazing Race (fall) - 2.82 (-15% from last year)
Sunday Night Football - 7.96 (-4%)
The Simpsons - 3.00 (-7%)
Allen Gregory - 2.50 

Maybe the NFL game, and I'll give Once Upon a Time a whirl. I'm not an animation viewer but I actually found the Allen Gregory trailer kinda amusing, so I may give it a shot. You?

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