Sunday, August 21, 2011

22 Fall TV Matchups, Sunday 7/6c

Today, my fall preview kicks off with Sunday 7/6c. This is one of TV's more unique timeslots in that it typically contains a lot of NFL overrun from CBS and Fox. For the rest of the season, it's the only 7:00 hour that counts as a part of primetime, and its overall viewing levels are more like a Friday/Saturday timeslot than a weeknight. Three of the big four have aired mostly the same stuff in this timeslot across the time period I'm following.

The net has gone for quite some time with mainstay America's Funniest Home Videos, which last year averaged a 1.77 adults 18-49 rating in originals. It will not be leaving anytime soon. The slot has also been used for NASCAR overruns or for the first half of two-hour Extreme Makeover: Home Edition events.

This network also has a mainstay in this timeslot, newsmagazine 60 Minutes, which usually gets major bumps in the fall from football overruns and the typical variance of newsmagazines. The show averaged a 2.27 during the 2010-11 regular season but because of the above reasons varied more wildly than almost any show in primetime, peaking at a 4.0 and bottoming out at a 1.4.

This is home to NBC's pregame show Football Night in America. It returns this year. Dateline NBC has historically done most of the lifting when football season is over and should continue to this year. Dateline averaged a 1.02 on Sundays in the regular season this past year.

This timeslot is generally the home of football overruns (taken to 8pm by postgame show The OT) and animation repeats. FOX has burnt off originals in this timeslot, most recently megabombs 'Til Death and Sons of Tucson, both of which averaged less than a 1.0. American Dad! got more of a good faith run in this hour last midseason, freeing up a spot for animated newbie Bob's Burgers later in the night. Fox is doing roughly the same thing this fall as they move The Cleveland Show to 7:30 so newbie Allen Gregory can have Cleveland's 8:30 slot.

60 Minutes - 2.16 (-5% from last season)
AFHV - 1.68 (-5%)

In the fall, usually the tail end of the late football games, and then I often check out the 7pm SportsCenter on ESPN. After football season, nada. You?

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