Tuesday, August 9, 2011

War of 18-49 Update, Friday Night Lights (2011)

Let's take a look at the spring/summer 2011 season (the fifth and final overall) of Friday Night Lights on NBC.

Summer 2011 adults 18-49 low/average/high: 0.6/0.80/0.9

Rating the Ratings: For the fourth straight season, Friday Night Lights dropped at least 20% from the previous season. This time, the last season lost another 25% from the measly 1.06 average that season four garnered in summer 2010. The drops probably don't matter that much considering all of the numbers were low to begin with and the show wasn't being kept around for first-run ratings reasons, but the show continued to plummet even in the years after the DirecTV move. Overall, I don't think you can make the case this show was that helpful even to NBC Fridays in the summer. Some repeat probably could've done comparable business. You just have to give NBC kudos for finding a way to keep the show alive and airing all the episodes. Grade: D-.

Here's the now updated War of 18-49 post for Friday Night Lights.

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