Friday, August 26, 2011

The "True" Bubble, The CW

Now that I have a full (if not final) formula for True Strength, it's time to emerge from the depths of my massive spreadsheet and start actually doing something with it. I thought I'd start by examining the bubble shows on each network and see what True Strength has to say about the shows that got renewed and axed. Last up: CW.

CW Shows A18-49 TRUE Sitch
Supernatural 0.99 1.11 -11%
One Tree Hill 0.85 0.91 -6%
90210 0.87 0.85 +2%
Gossip Girl 0.86 0.74 +16%
Nikita 0.87 0.71 +23%
Hellcats 0.74 0.61 +23%
Life Unexpected 0.71 0.58 +23%

This doesn't apply to a large extent in other posts, but I should note that my True Strength spreadsheet only covers the official regular season. That doesn't matter for most of the other posts, but it does a little bit here since most CW shows premiere early.

Anyway, using official regular season numbers only, the CDub had four dramas with almost identical A18-49 averages but that are separated to some extent when run through the True Strength wringer. One Tree Hill led off the night in a very competitive timeslot, while Nikita had the benefit of a huge lead-in and Gossip Girl didn't have a ton of competition comparitively.

Hellcats was clearly a step down from the pack, and you can thank its late-season collapse for that. As of the end of 2010, it was almost neck-and-neck with Nikita (0.77 for Nikita vs. 0.76 for Hellcats).

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