Friday, November 2, 2012

CW Weekly True Power Rankings for 2012-13

These are the CW's Weekly True Power Rankings for 2012-13. This is a leaner, analysis-free edition that gets updated every Wednesday when I do all my other archive updates.

I would expect these pages will be fancied up somewhat in the coming weeks. A couple ideas that come to mind are some explanations and perhaps a number for week-to-week changes. For now, it's just the same tables from the analysis-filled posts of last week.

These rankings cover numbers through Sunday, May 26.

The CWTrue2LastEpA18-49Counted EpsEps
1The Vampire Diaries1.41\/ 0.011.11822
2Arrow1.14/\ 0.010.94823
3Supernatural1.01/\ 0.010.94822
4Hart of Dixie0.62/\ 0.000.53822
5America's Next Top Model0.55/\ 0.000.50411
6Beauty and the Beast0.52\/ 0.000.54822
7Gossip Girl0.47/\ 0.070.4339
8The Carrie Diaries0.42/\ 0.010.38513
9Nikita0.39\/ 0.030.29721
10Emily Owens M.D.0.37/\ 0.010.36513
11902100.33/\ 0.020.27721
12Oh Sit!0.31\/ 0.050.2526
13Cult0.23/\ 0.030.1737

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