Friday, November 16, 2012

Demos Year-to-Year, November Sweeps 2012 Week Three Winners/Losers

Though I've retired the formal daily year-to-year posts, after the premiere week I did pledge to shoot for at least one year-to-year summary for each sweeps period. I'm trying to pick out the most "normal" week from each period, and it looked like week three was by far the best this time. (No weather-related pre-emptions, no election pre-emptions, no awards shows, no Thanksgiving Eve.)

Top 10 year-to-year SHOW losers
1. Private Practice (Tu 10-11pm vs. Th 10-11pm) -61%
2. Happy Endings (Tu 9-9:30pm vs. W 9:30-10pm) -59%
3. Nikita (F 9-10pm vs. F 8-9pm) -50%
4. Last Man Standing (F 8-8:30pm vs. Tu 8-8:30pm) -38%
5. Whitney (W 8-8:30pm vs. Th 9:30-10pm) -38%
6. New Girl -37%
7. Hawaii Five-0 -36%
8. How I Met Your Mother -35%
9. Dancing with the Stars Mon -34%
t-10. Gossip Girl (M 9-10pm vs. M 8-9pm) -33% 
t-10. 2 Broke Girls (M 9-9:30pm vs. M 8:30-9pm) -33%

As always with the show lists, many of these numbers were inevitably going to be bad because of timeslot downgrades: namely Private Practice, Happy Endings, Last Man. But I don't think anyone would argue any of these shows (except maybe Last Man?) are doing "well." There's a big CBS Monday presence on this list, and Mike and Molly (at -32%) just barely misses.

Top 10 year-to-year SHOW gainers/retainers
1. Supernatural (W 9-10pm vs. F 9-10pm) +25%
2. The Vampire Diaries +7%
3. Grimm +6%
4. 48 Hours +0%
5. Sunday Night Football -2%
6. The Big Bang Theory -4%
t-7. CSI -4%
t-7. Revenge (Su 9-10pm vs. W 10-11pm) -4%
9. Parenthood -5%
10. Parks and Recreation (Th 9:30-10pm vs. Th 8:30-9pm) -6% 

In week three of November sweeps, there were just three shows up year-to-year, and the only one up multiple tenths was a CW show that underwent a massive timeslot upgrade.

Top 10 year-to-year TIMESLOT losers
1. The Mob Doctor (vs. House, Fox Monday 9-10pm) -69%
2. Nikita (vs. Supernatural, CW Friday 9-10pm) -65%
3. Ben and Kate (vs. Glee, Fox Tuesday 8:30-9pm) -63%
4. Partners (vs. 2 Broke Girls, CBS Monday 8:30-9pm) -63%
5. Apartment 23 (vs. Dancing with the Stars, ABC Tuesday 9:30-10pm) -62%
6. CFB on Fox (vs. Cops/UFC, Fox Saturday 8-10pm) -61%
7. Happy Endings (vs. Dancing with the Stars, ABC Tuesday 9-9:30pm) -50%
8. Emily Owens M.D. (vs. Ringer, CW Tuesday 9-10pm) -47%
9. Private Practice (vs. Body of Proof, ABC Tuesday 10-11pm) -46%
10. Raising Hope (vs. Glee, Fox Tuesday 8-8:30pm) -45% 

Top 10 year-to-year TIMESLOT gainers
1. The Voice Mon (vs. The Sing-Off, NBC Monday 8-10pm) +232%
2. Malibu Country (vs. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, ABC Friday 8:30-9pm) +143%
3. Revolution (vs. Rock Center, NBC Monday 10-11pm) +136%
4. Last Man Standing (vs. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, ABC Friday 8-8:30pm) +100% 
5. The Voice Tue (vs. The Biggest Loser, NBC Tuesday 8-9pm) +90%
6. Shark Tank (vs. 20/20, ABC Friday 9-10pm) +83%
7. The Voice Thu (vs. Community/Parks and Recreation, NBC Thursday 8-9pm) +82%
8. Undercover Boss (vs. A Gifted Man, CBS Friday 8-9pm) +65%
9. Law and Order: SVU (vs. Harry's Law, NBC Wednesday 9-10pm) +55%
10. Supernatural (vs. America's Next Top Model, CW Wednesday 9-10pm) +25%

I stick to originals comparisons on the timeslot lists, but Arrow would be #2 if I allowed vs.-repeat comparisons; it was +200% vs. a Top Model repeat.

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