Friday, November 2, 2012

Fox Weekly True Power Rankings for 2012-13

These are Fox's Weekly True Power Rankings for 2012-13. This is a leaner, analysis-free edition that gets updated every Wednesday when I do all my other archive updates.

I would expect these pages will be fancied up somewhat in the coming weeks. A couple ideas that come to mind are some explanations and perhaps a number for week-to-week changes. For now, it's just the same tables from the analysis-filled posts of last week.

These rankings cover numbers through Sunday, May 26.

Fox ComediesTrue2LastEpA18-49Counted EpsEps
1Family Guy2.39/\ 0.022.50822
2New Girl2.27/\ 0.012.16925
3The Simpsons2.08/\ 0.042.01721
4American Dad!1.85/\ 0.152.00618
5Bob's Burgers1.56/\ 0.011.70822
6Raising Hope1.55\/ 0.041.49721
7The Mindy Project1.46\/ 0.021.40824
8The Cleveland Show1.37\/ 0.041.20822
9Ben and Kate1.21\/ 0.031.20513

Fox DramasTrue2LastEpA18-49Counted EpsEps
1The Following2.50/\ 0.082.32515
2Bones2.09\/ 0.002.08823
3Glee2.00/\ 0.052.09721
4Fringe1.26/\ 0.010.95411
5The Mob Doctor0.89/\ 0.080.64513
6Touch0.88\/ 0.000.58513

Fox UnscriptedTrue2LastEpA18-49Counted EpsEps
1American Idol Thu3.58/\ 0.042.90617
2American Idol Wed3.41\/ 0.063.13618
3The X Factor Wed2.69/\ 0.102.70514
4The X Factor Thu2.66/\ 0.142.60412
5Hell's Kitchen2.33/\ 0.091.92513
6Kitchen Nightmares1.54/\ 0.071.15616
7Mobbed1.40/\ 0.091.2025
8Cops1.29/\ 0.020.88515

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