Friday, January 1, 2016

Spotted Ratings, Thursday 12/31/15

  • Even with big College Football Playoff games on ESPN, it was generally a good night for the New Year's Eve special programming on broadcast.
    • ABC's Dick Clark's Primetime New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest exactly matched last year's big ratings with a 2.3 in the 8:00-10:00 window and a 3.9 in the 10:00 hour.
    • Year two for Fox's Pitbull's New Year's Revolution (0.8/0.9) actually picked up a little steam year-to-year, beating the 0.7 in primetime in 2014.
    • The only real negative was NBC's New Year's Eve Game Night with Andy Cohen (1.0), which paled in comparison to recent primetime airings of New Year's Eve with Carson Daly (including a 1.5 last year). 8:00-10:00 special A Toast to 2015! (1.0) matched last year's special.
  • As for those CFB Playoff games, the household overnights (9.7/9.9) were substantial yet down over a third year-to-year from the enormous New Year's Day overnights a year ago (15.5/15.3). The games were not particularly exciting, but this kind of slippage goes down as a pretty clear strike against airing the games on the much more crowded New Year's Eve, when work and parties are a much bigger factor. Still, it's unclear how much the NCAA can do about it, since this arrangement was largely about protecting the Rose Bowl's traditional New Year's Day window.
  • CBS averaged 0.6 with repeats (led by 1.0 for The Big Bang Theory) and the CW had a 0.3 for a repeat iHeartRadio special.


A18-49 Skew Last% Last# LeLa Rank y2yTLa Ty2y
New Year's Rockin' Eve 8-10pm 2.3 36%
New Year's Rockin' Eve 3.9 38%
The Big Bang Theory (R) 1.0 21%

Life in Pieces (R) 0.7 23%

Mom (R) 0.5 19%

2 Broke Girls (R) 0.5 22%

Elementary (R) 0.5 23%

A Toast to 20xx 1.0 27%
New Year's Eve Game Night 1.0 34%
Pitbull's New Year's Revolution 0.9 43%
iHeartRadio Music Festival 0.2 30%

The full table can be sorted by clicking any of the category names at the top. Hover over 'Last', 'y2y' and timeslot numbers for more information on the previous episode(s) being compared.

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