Monday, January 18, 2016

First Two Weeks, Telenovela

Reminder: the game for Superstore is still open until 6am ET tomorrow!

WEEK ZERO (December 7 previews)
Rating: 1.4 (10:00) / 0.9 (10:30)
Lead-in: The Voice (2.8)
Competition: The Great Holiday Baking Show (0.9), NCIS: Los Angeles (1.4)

The show also aired a mostly unpromoted "original" that had previously been available online on December 28, to a 0.6 rating.

Rating: 1.3
Lead-in: Superstore (1.8)
Competition: The Bachelor (2.2), Supergirl (1.9), Superhuman special (1.2), Whose Line Is It Anyway? (R) (0.4)

Rating: 1.0 (-23%)
Lead-in: Superstore (1.5)
Competition: The Bachelor (2.0), The Big Bang Theory (R) (1.9), MasterChef Junior (R) (0.9), Whose Line Is It Anyway? (R) (0.4), plus the College Football Playoff National Championship on ESPN (8.3)

Will this show get a second season? You make the call!

To play the game, here are your submission choices:
1) "Renew (Not Confident)" or "Cancel (Not Confident)": +1 point for a win, 0 points for a loss.
2) "Renew (Confident)" or "Cancel (Confident)": +2 points for a win, -2 points for a loss.

These choices must be locked by Tuesday, January 19 at 6:00 am ET.

3) You may also guess "Renew" or "Cancel" after the deadline, up to exactly one week later. ALL guesses in this period will be worth +1 point for a win and -1 point for a loss. You can NOT change a guess after the deadline if you submitted before the deadline.

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