Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Spotted Ratings, Monday 6/13/11: The Bruin Shoo-In

  • Big year-to-year drops have been common for the Stanley Cup Finals this year, but they were more pronounced than ever on this Monday, with Game 6 (2.0) down 37% from last year's sixth game. That's the series' highest number yet, but it's also the second-biggest year-to-year drop yet (behind game 2, which was a Saturday-vs.-non-Saturday comparison). But this game was a blowout, and it also wasn't a decisive game as was last year's Game 6. Wednesday's seventh and absolutely final game should see a nice bump over any demos this series has produced to date.
  • MasterChef (2.0) had its second straight uptick, perhaps benefiting from the 9:00 timeslot and the encore lead-in, while The Bachelorette (2.4) and week three of Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition (2.0) both came down a bit.
Above based on FINAL adults 18-49 ratings unless otherwise noted.

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