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The Breakdown: CW Tuesday in 2022-23 (The Winchesters, Superman and Lois, Gotham Knights and more!)

It's time for a journey through the CW Tuesday schedule in 2022-23...


2021-22The FlashRiverdale24
2022-23The WinchestersProfessionals16 (-33%)
21 (-38%)11 (-22%)


The CW went with two newbies in the fall, starting with the Supernatural prequel The Winchesters, but it couldn't really much of anything going, premiering at a 0.12 and only occasionally breaking the 0.10 mark going forward. The 9/8c hour was even worse with Professionals, not graded below because it's an acquired drama.


2021-22Superman and LoisNaomi27
2022-23The Winchesters (R)The Winchesters13 (-53%)
13 (-63%)13 (-35%)


Things got even worse in the second half of The Winchesters' run, which was split between the 9/8c hour following reruns (pictured above) and then a brief return to 8/7c which didn't even help the numbers.


2021-22Superman and LoisNaomi21
2022-23Superman and LoisGotham Knights22 (+9%)
26 (-10%)19 (+49%)


The network's fortunes perked up somewhat with the return of one of its top scripted programs, Superman and Lois, in the spring. It was not quite as steady as other CW shows but still not down all that much. And its new lead-out Gotham Knights wasn't too bad in its regular season episodes, retaining the lead-in far better than previous occupant Naomi (though Naomi was in the second half of its season here).

Rating the Ratings

The Winchesters0.00.070.1
Superman and Lois0.10.110.1-31%25marginal(CW)-17%detail

Gotham Knights0.00.070.1

The Winchesters: Even in its worst weeknight seasons, including the last one, the Supernatural mothership was roughly in the mid-30s in Plus. For a spin-off to only get half of that is pretty rough, and that's not even taking into account the huge drop from fall to winter. Grade: D+.

Superman and Lois: Both this season and last ended in late June, but this season was deprived of last year's early winter ratings because it premiered two months later and had fewer interruptions and two fewer episodes. So the best comparison is probably the spring-vs.-spring episodes, and the early summer comparisons looked similar. It definitely got weaker, but not quite as bad as the full season numbers suggest. Grade: C.

Professionals: No grade because acquired drama.

Gotham Knights: Ended up with the same Plus as The Winchesters, but showed a little more promise airing in the spring and improving on Naomi's retention. However, all of that washed away in the early summer portion, when it really tanked with 0.04 -> 0.04 -> 0.03 in its June episodes despite still having the S&L lead-in. It had already been cancelled before those last couple results came in, but they didn't exactly make it look unjustified. Grade: C-.

The names in this last table link to the shows' War of 18-49 pages. Links with an asterisk(*) have been updated with the new info. Updates to younger shows will come later in the summer.

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