Monday, July 31, 2023

The Breakdown: CBS Thursday in 2022-23 (Young Sheldon, Ghosts, So Help Me Todd and more!)

It's time for a journey through the CBS Thursday schedule in 2022-23...


2021-22Young SheldonUnited States of AlGhostsB PositiveBull89
2022-23Young SheldonGhostsSo Help Me ToddCSI: Vegas93 (+4%)
130 (0%)131 (+42%)80 (-16%)67 (+9%)
131 (+17%)


Fall 2022 saw the move of sophomore hit Ghosts to the 8:30 half-hour, where it had a big jump and nearly matched its Young Sheldon lead-in all season long. But the network's growth for the night was minimal, as the 9/8c hour that Ghosts left behind fell off with new legal dramedy So Help Me Todd. CSI: Vegas moved to the Thursday 10/9c hour and initially grew vs. Bull's rough fall 2021 numbers, but slightly trailed the stronger Bull portions and thus was a wash overall.


2021-22Young SheldonUnited States of AlGhostsB PositiveBull100
2022-23Young SheldonGhostsSo Help Me ToddCSI: Vegas101 (+1%)
149 (+9%)139 (+39%)88 (-17%)71 (-5%)
144 (+22%)


Young Sheldon really revved up in the winter, hitting mostly high 0.6's and even a couple 0.7's. Everything else including So Help Me Todd also showed a little improvement, but Todd's big declines vs. the Ghosts-led comedy hour remained.


2021-22Young SheldonUnited States of AlGhostsHow We RollBull85
2022-23Young SheldonGhostsSo Help Me ToddCSI: Vegas90 (+5%)
129 (+8%)123 (+40%)81 (-10%)62 (-2%)
126 (+22%)


Todd's smallest y2y declines came in the spring (mostly because CBS introduced How We Roll last year). That helped the network to its biggest growth period for the night, albeit still pretty small.

Rating the Ratings

Young Sheldon*0.50.580.7-12%136hit+5%detail
So Help Me Todd0.30.350.4
CSI: Vegas0.20.290.4-27%67flop-13%detail

Young Sheldon: This show's impressive second act continues, once again posting its highest Plus since the end of The Big Bang Theory. Grade: B+.

Ghosts: The 8:30 move wasn't much of a win for the night as a whole, but it was certainly a win for Ghosts, which was probably going to get a sophomore bounce anyway but saw it only exacerbated with the Sheldon lead-in. The network now has an old-fashioned comedy power hour to lean on. Grade: A-.

So Help Me Todd: The last time CBS tried a 9/8c legal dramedy after a comedy hour, it was All Rise, and it'd be tough to make the case that Todd did much better. The one thing you can say in Todd's favor is that it did hold up pretty well as the season went on, with a winter bounce and spring numbers that were the same as the fall. So maybe the bet will pay off in the future, but it hasn't really done so yet. Grade: C.

CSI: Vegas: Considering it lost some of the OG CSI cast, I guess it could've been worse, and it's not like it got a lot of help from Todd. But it's among the weaker CBS offerings, only really ahead of clear failures like True Lies, which is a sad place for the CSI franchise to be. Grade: C.

The names in this last table link to the shows' War of 18-49 pages. Links with an asterisk(*) have been updated with the new info. Updates to younger shows will come later in the summer.

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