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The Breakdown: CW Wednesday in 2022-23 (Stargirl, The Flash, Kung Fu and more!)

It's time for a journey through the CW Wednesday schedule in 2022-23...


2021-22Legends of TomorrowBatwoman16
2022-23StargirlKung Fu16 (+1%)
16 (+5%)16 (-3%)


The CW joined up third-year dramas Stargirl and Kung Fu, a change for Kung Fu which had aired its first two seasons in spring/summer. Breaking even vs. last year's Legends and Batwoman (probably more expensive shows) might count as a win, but it was still a big step down for Stargirl which was much stronger on Tuesdays last year.


2021-22Legends of TomorrowBatwoman19
2022-23The FlashKung Fu19 (+3%)
23 (+22%)15 (-16%)


The final season of The Flash didn't show up until February, and mostly hovered close to the Plus lows it posted in the last three-fourths of the previous season.


2021-22The FlashKung Fu19
2022-23The FlashRiverdale16 (-15%)
21 (-7%)11 (-26%)


Riverdale took over for Kung Fu in the spring and looked weaker, but did manage a minor bounce-back from its pathetic Sunday ratings a year ago.

Rating the Ratings

The Flash*
Kung Fu0.00.070.1-14%15flop+3%detail

Stargirl: In a year when the CW as a whole held up a little better overall (perhaps just because there's not much ground left to be lost), Stargirl was among the network's fastest decliners. It mostly got high-0.1's at the same time last year and mostly low-0.1's this year. Three seasons is a quick end for a show that made a nice little splash in summer 2020. Grade: C-.

The Flash: The -13% decline for the season average is largely because of the still somewhat big episodes at the beginning of last season. It then stayed at around the same low-20's level for the last 1.75 seasons, dropping just 7% in the spring-vs.-spring comparisons above. Pretty tragic considering what a beast this show once was, but most of the damage seems to have come in previous seasons. Grade: C+.

Kung Fu: Wouldn't exactly call this +3% "growth" since it aired much earlier in the season than the previous two years, but I wouldn't argue with saying it was steady-ish. Grade: C+.

Riverdale: Again, this isn't "growth" since it was buried on Sunday for most of last season, and returning to Wednesday with a Flash lead-in should be a timeslot upgrade. Guess it could've been worse, but it was still about 30% below its last Wednesday season two years ago. Like The Flash, it's going out at about a quarter of its peak Plus ratings. Grade: C.

The names in this last table link to the shows' War of 18-49 pages. Links with an asterisk(*) have been updated with the new info. Updates to younger shows will come later in the summer.

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