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The Breakdown: ABC Thursday in 2022-23 (Station 19, Grey's Anatomy, Alaska Daily and more!)

It's time for a journey through the ABC Thursday schedule in 2022-23...


2021-22Station 19Grey's AnatomyBig Sky104
2022-23Station 19Grey's AnatomyAlaska Daily95 (-8%)
116 (-6%)115 (-8%)56 (-13%)


ABC's Station 19 and Grey's Anatomy returned and continued their downward march. The network tried Hilary Swank newbie Alaska Daily at 10/9c, hoping to reverse their fortunes after Big Sky disappointed last year, but Alaska ended up with the largest year-to-year decline of the night and was usually around 50% retention of Grey's.


2021-22Women of the MovementLet the World See80
2022-23Celebrity Jeopardy!The Parent TestThe Chase92 (+15%)
134 (+61%)81 (-2%)61 (-17%)


ABC went back to a winter Thursday game show night after succeeding with such a lineup two years ago. Celebrity Jeopardy! was quite successful, making a big jump from its Sunday fall ratings, but the success pretty much ended there as newbie The Parent Test didn't do nearly as well as The Chase two years ago, and The Chase was modest at 10/9c.


2021-22Station 19Grey's AnatomyBig Sky93
2022-23Station 19Grey's AnatomyAlaska Daily85 (-8%)
107 (-5%)98 (-14%)49 (-5%)


The spring return of the fall trio brought exactly the same y2y decline for the entire night, but distributed a bit differently; Grey's was down more in a post-Ellen Pompeo world, while Alaska Daily didn't collapse quite as much as Big Sky last season.

Rating the Ratings

Station 19*0.40.470.5-23%111solid-8%detail
Celebrity Jeopardy!0.30.470.7
Grey's Anatomy*0.40.440.6-29%104solid-15%detail
The Parent Test0.30.350.4
Alaska Daily0.20.230.3
The Chase0.20.260.3-19%61flop-3%detail

Station 19: Both Station and Grey's have full-season declines that are worse than either the fall or the spring declines because they aired a couple more episodes in the low-viewed spring and fewer in the fall. Those sub-averages are probably more reliable, but they still suggest shows on the decline. Maybe the local programming lead-in has something to do with it, but Station 19 continues to hold up a little better than Grey's. Grade: C+.

Celebrity Jeopardy!: This season, we got to see this show and Celebrity Wheel of Fortune air both on Sundays and on a weeknight at 8/7c. In both cases, the difference was incredibly stark, certainly because the weeknight local programming lead-in is usually the syndicated versions of Jeopardy! and Wheel. So maybe I shouldn't have been quite as harsh on Wheel's Sunday ratings last year. That said, even in the weeknight eps I don't think either this or Wheel were quite as strong as season one of Wheel, which I gave a B+. This show managed a small improvement vs. Wheel season two in the fall Sunday comparisons, but it still wasn't really a breakout. (Notably, season one of Supermarket Sweep was still a decent bit stronger.) So I'll just go with Grade: B.

Grey's Anatomy: Again, I think Station may be holding up better just because of the local lead-in, but Grey's fell off a little more in the spring with Ellen Pompeo's departure. More than half the winter/spring episodes were below the league average, which is a stark thing to see for Grey's. Grade: C.

The Parent Test: The real comparison for this winter lineup was with two years ago, when The Chase premiered very well in this hour. The Parent Test was a far cry from those levels, though the average is dragged down a bit by four episodes after the Jeopardy! lead-in was gone. No word on another season. Grade: C.

Alaska Daily: It did no better than the weak second season of Big Sky, which is a disappointment considering the Hilary Swank casting. Grade: D.

The Chase: Similar Plus to the Wednesday 10/9c run from last winter which aired after Home Economics. While The Parent Test didn't do much, it was probably still a slightly better situation than The Chase had last year. This show seems to have been slotted into the old Match Game spackle role. Grade: C+.

The names in this last table link to the shows' War of 18-49 pages. Links with an asterisk(*) have been updated with the new info. Updates to younger shows will come later in the summer.

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