Wednesday, June 26, 2019

The Breakdown: CW Tuesday in 2018-19 (The Flash, Black Lightning, Roswell, New Mexico)

It's time for a journey through the CW Tuesday schedule in 2018-19...


2017-18The FlashLegends of Tomorrow66
2018-19The FlashBlack Lightning52 (-21%)
70 (-15%)35 (-31%)

After showing incredible promise pretty much throughout season one, that version of Black Lightning simply never showed up again for season two. Even in the fall with a Flash lead-in, it was mostly pulling 0.3's (after consistently getting 0.5's even in spring 2018!). The Flash had another down year, but in 2018-19 the declines at 9/8c were far more severe all season long.


2017-18The FlashBlack Lightning65
2018-19The FlashRoswell, New Mexico49 (-24%)
67 (-7%)32 (-44%)

Black Lightning-related comparisons in the 9/8c hour would continue to haunt the CW all season long; starting in the winter, that was because newbie Roswell, New Mexico was getting compared against the high standard of BL season one. This period had The Flash's best comparisons of the year, led by a string of three straight 0.7's in late January and early February.


2017-18The FlashBlack Lightning53
2018-19The FlashRoswell, New Mexico40 (-26%)
54 (-12%)25 (-45%)

The spring was more of the same, as Roswell, New Mexico mostly hovered along the border between 0.2 and 0.3 and was thus massively behind Black Lightning's late-season 0.5's.

Rating the Ratings

The Flash*0.50.610.8-23%64hit(CW)-11%detail
Black Lightning0.20.300.4-46%32marginal(CW)-38%detail
Roswell, New Mexico0.20.270.429marginal(CW)detail

The Flash: After three years of declines (more than 10% on average), The Flash has finally arrived at the highest-rated season for any of the other superhero shows of this era (season four of Arrow). It's not completely collapsing, but just steadily eroding, and it still really stands out on a network where seemingly every other weeknight is a 0.3/0.2 combo. Grade: C+.

Black Lightning: Already updated.

Roswell, New Mexico: A reasonable renewal for the CDub but not much more than that; I would say Legacies and Charmed (especially considering DVR growth) were at least a little stronger, and they were not breakouts. Grade: C.

The names in this last table link to the shows' War of 18-49 pages. Links with an asterisk(*) have been updated with the new info. Updates to younger shows will come later in the summer.

Here's the now updated Schedules Plus for CW Tuesday.

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