Friday, May 8, 2009

Other May Sweeps 2009 Week 2 Comparisons (FINALS vs. FINALS)

(Wednesday Lost vs. year-ago Thursday Lost) -15% (-17%)
(Friday Wife Swap vs. year-ago Wednesday Wife Swap) -44%
(Friday Supernanny vs. year-ago Wednesday Supernanny) -21%
(Tuesday Without a Trace vs. year-ago Thursday WAT) -21% (-24%)
(Thursday Bones vs. year-ago Monday Bones) -15% (-31%)
(Thursday Hell's Kitchen vs. year-ago Tuesday Hell's Kitchen) -46% (-41%)

Since I got split between fast nat vs. fast nat and final vs. final comparisons this week and I didn't want them to overlap, I went ahead and made these all FINAL vs. FINAL, since in theory I'll get around to making it all final vs. final at some juncture.

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